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WordPress Tips | Make More Search Engine Friendly

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When you have a WordPress site all set up and ready to launch you likely have some of the basic SEO strategies in place and these will work well for improving your search ranking. However, if you truly want to get on the first or second page of search results you need to look into more advanced methods for making your WordPress site more search engine friendly. These are things that do require some knowledge and tech ability, but they can be learned and they are not that difficult to implement.  This goes beyond finding the right WordPress themes and using keywords in your content.

We have mentioned few WordPress Tips in the article below. Implementing these tips would turn if more SEO friendly. We would prefer you to take time reading this article to make the most of your wordpress Site.

WordPress Tips – Check Your Privacy Settings During Development

When you are developing your WordPress site you want to be mindful of the various privacy settings and how they can affect the SEO of your website.  When you are doing the five-minute install you want to be on the lookout for the check box that says, “discourage search engines from indexing this site” and make sure that you unchecked the box.  If you do not know if it is checked, you can go back into your Settings and go to the Readings tab and see if you need to uncheck it.wordpress tips

WordPress Tips – Configure Search Engine Friendly URLs

You want the URLs to each piece of content on your site to work for you in boosting your SEO so that you can enjoy improved search engine ranking.  Go to the Custom Structure option and add the right parameters to the box to ensure that your URL is keyword optimized and helping to increase search engine visibility.  This only takes a minute and it should be done for every URL on your site as new URLs become available.  It helps to do this as you go along and publish new things so that it does not take a long time like it would if you only do it occasionally and need to catch up.


WordPress Tips – Rename Any Categories That Are Uncategorized

When you do not have a category that is specific, it appears careless and it can impact your search engine rankings.  Changing this is easy to do and you just need to go to the Categories setting on the Posts menu.  You want to do a Quick Edit by hovering over Category and then rename it to something that will be appropriate for all of the topics on your site.  It will still be a catchall, but when you rename it properly you are working to make it more search engine friendly.  You then need to go to the Writing panel and make sure that you are adjusting the default category that is found in this area.

Recommended – Increase Page loading Speed

All in One SEO Pack Plugin

This is a WordPress plugin that serious website owners cannot do without because it simplifies SEO, including the more complex methods.  Your post title or page title becomes the HTML page title tag value by default in WordPress and it will not include any meta keywords tag or meta description tag.  You need these to optimize your site and this is where the very simple All in One SEO Pack plugin comes in.  You will need to configure your settings by going to the Admin page, but this is pretty easy and this plugin does support Google Analytics and Custom Post Types.

Also Try – Akismet Anti Spam Plugin Free

When you are on the Admin page you are able to configure global settings to define the page title, meta keywords tag settings, and meta description for the homepage, and you are able to configure these for the plugin as well.  You will do the following to get all of this done:

  • Enable the plugin
  • Enter a solid meta description that is between 50 and 145 characters
  • Enter your eye-catching page title that is 50 characters or less
  • Enter your targeted key phrases (Google says that they do not use this anymore, but Bing and Yahoo still do)

You can then play around with the plugin and see what else it can do to help you in making your site more search engine friendly.  It does have a lot of different features that most website owners find quite helpful.

WordPress Tips – Remove Link URL Plugin

After you  apply the above wordpress tips ! This plugin will get rid of all of those links that automatically occur when you upload images.  You do not need these and if someone clicks on an image it just takes them to a dead end.  They will end up on a page that offers no navigation and they have to find their way back to the page that they just came from.  In a nutshell, these offer no value and they can just frustrate those who are using your website.  The Remove Link URL plugin is able to quickly get rid of these so you no longer have to worry about them.

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