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Get WordPress Akismet API Key Free – Block Spam Comments


WordPress, indeed is the most powerful blogging platform in the world. Therefore i always recommend people to switch to WordPress from Blogger. But they often come up saying that they are getting many spam comments everyday. Akismet anti spam plugin comes by default with the WordPress package. Akismet and WordPress both are owned by Automattic. It was previously an integral part of WordPresss, but now the activation process takes the user to official Akismet website. But now you need to pay to get the Akismet API key. Follow this article to know the process to get your  API key for free.

This plugin was supposed to be integrated into Jetpack, but after analyzing the changes in the scenario, it is assumed that Akismet would become a commercial plugin for WordPress administrators.

Get Free Akismet API Key

Follow the steps to get your free Akismet API key in few minutes

When you install WordPress, you’ll find Akismet in your plugin area.

Click on activate to activate the plugin. You’ll see the option shown in the image below.

Activate Akismet For WordPress

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  • Click on Activate your Akismet Account to proceed further
  • You will be asked to enter your Akismet API key to activate your plugin.
  • Click on get your API key.


Free Akismet API Key for WordPress

By clicking on the tab shown in the image above, You’ll land on official Akismet website.

 Get Akismet API Key wordpress

  • Now you are asked to choose your plan. Remember you are having a personal blog, hence! Choose Personal Plan and proceed further for the signup process.
  • You can Signin using your wordpress Account.

 Akismet Signup Plan

  • Please Authorize Akismet to connect to your WordPress account.
  • Once you are done with the above steps, now follow an easy yet mostly ignored option to get your free Akismet API key.
  • You can see a payment option to purchase your API key.
  • On the right side you’ll see $36 as default yearly contribution for using Akismet API key.

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Note – Automattic asks for our yearly contribution for the API key, It’s your will as how much worth this plugin is for you.

Drag the Liner from $36/Year to $0.00/year as shown in the image below.

Free Akismet API key

Proceed further By giving the required details.

Check your email ID you provided, to find your Akismet API key. Go back to the second step and enter the API key to fully activate your Akismet plugin for free.

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Now that you are all set to fight with Comments spamming on your wordpress account. Drop your feedback and discuss any query in the comment section below.

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  1. Hi Gautam,

    Thanks for this wonderful post on how to get Akismet for free. Am a core wordpress users and spam have always been an headache for most wordpress users. Sometimes you will have to install over 4 plugins to eradicate spam commment.

    In order to reduce spam/bot comment on my blogger, i do option for DISQUS, with disqus you have nothing to worry about when it comes to SPAM. I have known Akismet to be a PREMIUM PLUGIN and since i have no $36 to pay for a common plugin, i prefer DISQUS which is FREE 🙂

    But with this article post, i think it’s time to use Akismet over Disqus and i hope this will lead to more engagement on my blog due to the COMMENTLUV plugin that will enabled.

    Thanks for sharing this trick with us and have a nice day

    I found this article post on KINGGED.COM and i have KINGGED it

  2. All cool, but I think one must pay for the plugin as it saves a lot of time of the blog administrators and keeps the blog comments organized.
    I recently started making small contribution to the plugin because I want it to stay free for small bloggers. It surely costs them a lot of money to run the servers and keep the development ongoing, so everybody must contribute, nomatter how little the contribution is.

      • Don’t take me wrong, but I think it should be everybody’s responsibility to contribute as little as they can. If most of the users won’t contribute, Automattic may think of making Akismet fully commercial and paid-only product.
        We need to contribute in order to make use of the plugin for cheap.

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