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HTML to WordPress Conversion – HTML vs WordPress

HTML5 to Wordpress

In the previous article i provided you an amazing facebook trick to invite all your facebook friends to like your facebook page in one click. Here in the below article our guest author Jennifer have covered facts behind HTML to WordPress Conversion and also every side and corners you must know about.

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Given the fact that HTML sites are fully-functional and web-compatible, often people wonder – why they should bother migrating their static HTML websites to some dynamic platform? Well, if you want to survive the neck-to-neck competition prevailing in the cyberspace and gain an edge over the competition, it becomes imperative to opt for website migration.

HTML to WordPress Conversion

In today’s tech savvy era, it is no longer enough to simply own a site. Rather businesses needs to come up with bespoke sites – customized in synchronization with their business needs. What you need is a site that is not only visually attractive in look, but must also contain multitude of features!

WordPress – An Excellent CMS Platform

Powering around 66 million sites on the web, WordPress has come a long way from being known as a simple blogging platform to a powerful content management tool. This CMS is favored by majority of webmasters to build websites, because of the ease it provides – to manage and update content. This web development framework is written in PHP and offers astounding features such as built-in plugin support, publishing tools, flexibility and much more.

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 wordpress Content Management System

There are various feature-rich CMS available, and individuals often gets into a fix how to pick the right CMS for their carrying out conversion of their static site to a content management system. What makes WordPress a better alternative is its simplicity and user-friendly interface. Even a technophobe can easily use the WP admin panel, just after reading a few basic WordPress tutorials.

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HTML vs WordPress – What Makes WordPress Better?

WordPress offers you great flexibility that you might not be able to get with a HTML site unless you embed tons of code. WordPress comes loaded with ample tools such as plugins that helps enhance your site efficiency and performance. In addition, you get the privilege of a wide range of appealing WP themes using which you can tweak the look and feel of your site.

WordPress stocks up your site with SEO rich features. Though, you can also make your HTML website search engine optimized, but embedding SEO elements to your HTML site involves intricacies, which is one of the major reasons that makes WordPress outclass HTML site. Put simply, WordPress comes with built-in SEO capabilities. Thus, transforming your HTML site to WordPress spares your time in figuring out ways to make your site SEO optimized, and even cut-down your budget, since you won’t longer need to employ an SEO expert for the HTML site.

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How to Carry Out HTML to WordPress Conversion?

In case you have been planning to Opt HTML to WordPress Conversion Service, then you need to decide whether you want to opt for automated software or go for manual coding instead. You can find several automated software that helps convert your HTML site to WordPress powered site. However, it may not be the perfect choice for your website if you wish to carve out a pixel perfect, browser compatible and SEO friendly WordPress site. Rather you can handpick manual HTML to WordPress conversion. Manual conversion requires coding based on the current web and SEO semantic guidelines.


Do you wish to move your static HTML website to a CMS? Then with several CMS out there, certainly you would be puzzled about choosing the right one, I’ll recommend you to go through this guest post carefully. Here you will learn how moving your HTML site to WordPress can prove to be a benefiting choice for you.

Author Bio:

Jennifer Pinto is a Creative Web Design Expert in Markupcloud Ltd. And possess years of experience in writing informative write-ups on different Markup conversion processes. Jennifer has good understanding of Web Design technologies and processes and aims at sharing her knowledge in Facebook and Google+ with interested readers.

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  1. Such an informative post, Gautam. Thank you for useful tips, will definitely take them into consideration.
    One more remark from me, concerning HTML to WordPress migration. As far as I’m not a techie, I prefer an automated way of conversion. And recently I found a service called CMS2CMS which transfers data to WordPress in a safe and fast manner, preserving SEO ranking as well. I do recommend using it for such newbies in web-development, as I am.

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