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Undo Sent Mail in Gmail

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Did you just Sent an E-mail before you were done with it.. ? Or you just forgot to attach the document and sent the mail apparently.?  You need not to worry about it. At least with Gmail you should not worry about sending another mail as professionally it delivers a bad impression. So here comes a Question that how you can Undo Sent Mail in Gmail. You’ll be having 30 Seconds to Undo Sent mail or Stop Sent mail in gmail.

 This is one of the few Gmail Tips and Tricks that you’ll go through today.

Video Tutorial

 Steps to Enable Undo Sent mail Feature to Stop Sent mail

  •  Step 1

undo sent mail

  •  Step 2

Go to Settings

 undo sent mail 

  •  Step 3

1 – Enable Undo Send Feature in Gmail

2 – Save Changes

sent mail in gmail

Check how to Stop Sent Mail

 Create New Mail

  • Click Send

undo sent mail

 Click On Undo to Undo Sent Mail


  1. Wow! I was completely unaware of this feature on gmail. I am enabling this feature right away so next time I won’t have to worry about sending emails to wrong person by mistake. Thanks a ton for such helpful post!

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