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How to Protect Your Social Media Accounts from Hackers?- Tips & Tricks


Privacy on the Internet is a Myth, and all our personal & crucial information available on social media is vulnerable to be hacked. That is why it is necessary to protect your social media accounts from hackers. We keep getting news that Social Media Account of XYZ has been hacked today and more.

Recently, twitter accounts of famous personalities like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, etc. by some professional hackers who earned lots of Bitcoins using their accounts. Now imagine how unsafe our social media accounts are! If after reading this, you are thinking How to protect your social media accounts from hackers, then you must read this article till the last where we have mentioned the tips to secure social media accounts from getting hacked.

Famous Twitter Accounts hacked by hackers
Famous Twitter Accounts hacked by hackers

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How to know that your Social Media accounts are hacked?

Here are some signs that show hacker has hacked your social media account(s):

  • If you are unable to login your account.
  • If someone is signing from another device in your account and you are getting notification of it.
  • If someone is posting content/pictures/videos, etc. on your social media account.

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What to do if someone hacks your social media accounts?

We all are active on some social media channels, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other.

What to do if your social media account is hacked

If someone hacks your social media accounts like Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, follow these steps to prevent the loss/spread of crucial or misguiding information through your account:

  1. If you get the notification on your device that someone is trying to access/login your account and if that not you, you must change your password immediately.
  2. If you are unable to access your social media account, it probably means that someone hacks it. First thing you should do is trying to recover your account using the recovery options available on that social media platform/app.
  3. If recovery options are not helping, ask your friends to report your account by choosing an option “pretending to be someone”. By mass reporting, the social media platform team will consider it as a spam/identity threat and will block your account. In this way, the hacker won’t be able to spread any misguiding information to your contacts.
  4. Contact support of that social media platform to help you get your account back.
  5. Inform all your friends that your account might be hacked and they must not respond to any link/message sent via your account as hackers might try to earn money from your contacts via clicking on some malicious links.
  6. If you are using the same/similar password on any other social media platform, immediately change the password of all your social media accounts by keeping it unique.

How to Protect Your Social Media Accounts from Hackers?

It is better to take precautions than to regret later. That is why it is important to learn How to protect your social media accounts from hackers.

Here are some tips to protect your social media accounts from hackers:

  • Keep changing your social media accounts’ passwords after some time (not so regular, but within a few months).
  • Don’t use common passwords or combination of your birth date, mobile number, name, etc. as your password, because hackers can quickly get that information and guess your password.
  • Try to not use the same password for all social media accounts as in case hacker get the password of one account, he/she will able to hack all your social media accounts.
  • Use 2-Factor authentication for login your social media accounts as it will notify you whenever you log in your accounts, and at the same time, it will make it difficult for hackers to hack your account.
  • Don’t share your passwords with anyone and if you do so, change your password after it, so your accounts remain protected.
  • Use a password manager like Google Password Manager, 1Password, LastPass, etc., to get unique and strong passwords. Password managers are fully encrypted, and you only need to remember the password of your password manager to access all your social media accounts password.
  •  Never leave your social media accounts signed in after using on public/someone else’s device as it will sacrifice your accounts’ privacy.
  • If you are using the browser to access your accounts, don’t save your password in cookies/cache.
  • Use VPN to browse securely.
  • While browsing, don’t click on suspicious ads/links as they contain malware which can steal your confidential data/passwords/OTP etc. This is the most common way hackers use to get your accounts’ access.
  • Stay updated about new malware threats and such information to keep yourself protected from it.
  • Don’t share crucial information like personal identity information on public platforms as it allows hackers to guess your password.

Wrapping It Up!

So, this was all about How to Protect Your Social Media Accounts from Hackers. You must use these tips to secure your social media accounts from hacking. Stay safe, stay protected!

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