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How to protect your phone from spyware apps- Security Tips 2020

how to protect your phone from spyware apps- Security Tips 2020

It is not surprising for us to know that Google keeps spying on our smartphone using its program or apps. Like recently, it came into news that Google is spying on our activities & smartphone usage through its Android Lockbox tool. This tool asks permission on your smartphone and tracks battery performance, apps usage and other information. Similarly, there are always some illegal spy apps that keep spying on our personal information and activity once we install them on our phone. Today, we will share how to protect your phone from spyware apps, find them and delete them using some useful & essential security tips.

Why is it Essential to protect your smartphone from spyware apps?

Smartphones be it iPhone or Android, becomes an essential part of our lives. Our phone is like a storage point to store all the essential information from messages to emails, videos, images, contacts and much more. That is why our privacy is always on risk with our smartphone as there are numerous spying apps available in the market that compromise your crucial & personal information.

Protect your phone from spy apps

Spying apps once installed on your smartphone can access the following information through logs:

  • Text Messages
  • Calls
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Audios
  • Mails & data from other social media accounts
  • Location tracking data

Spyware apps can invade your phone quickly and without your knowledge. Also, it can remotely access your phone once installed on your phone, and some of them can easily hide in your phone, so it is difficult to find and uninstall them from your phone (android/iOS).

Type of Popular Spyware Apps out there for Android & iOS:

1) Phonespector – Compatible with both Android & IOS. The spyware gains undetectable remote access on your phone via OTA (Over The Air) link in the form of text or email, and a person can view your texts, hear your calls, access your GPS and much more.

2) mSpy– Popular stalkerware app for iOS that spy on your messages, calls, apps data like WhatsApp, Facebook & other social media apps. It also acts as a keylogger to track your messages and everything you type.

3) Spyphone Android Rec Pro– As the name indicates, this spyware app records and intercepts your calls and share the copies of SMS, email, etc. sent by the person with third-party.

4) Flexispy– One of the popular stalkerware for Android who takes complete control of your phone from listening calls to reading messages to view your data like videos, images and other crucial information to share it with third-person.

How to Find & Remove Hidden Spyware Apps on your Android & iPhone?

Finding hidden spyware apps on your smartphone is a challenging yet possible process. Before learning how to protect your phone from spy apps, it is crucial to know how to find spyware apps. It is different for Android & iOS. Let’s discuss the procedure for both Android & iOS to find Hidden Spyware on your smartphone.

How to find hidden spyware apps on Android phones and remove them?

How to find and remove spyware apps from Android phones

Android phones are very vulnerable to spyware, and that is why it is crucial to find hidden spyware apps on android phones.

Take these steps to find and remove hidden spyware apps on Android phones:

  1. First, scan your android phone using a good antivirus like Malwarebytes Security. It will completely scan your phone, including all the crucial files to check whether some malware is there or not.
  2. If scanning doesn’t provide you with any solution, then you can opt for complete factory reset to remove spyware from your android phone.
  3. It is easy to install spyware on Android if the phone undergoes Jailbreak. There is a Root Checker app available on the play store that check for Jailbreak in your phone, and if it scans any suspicious app, it will show you so you can remove it.

How to find hidden spyware apps on iPhone and remove them?

cydia spyware app on iPhone

The most common way to install spyware apps in iPhone is to perform Jailbreak on iPhone so that malware can be installed. So to find hidden spyware apps on the iPhone, you have to:

  1. First, check whether your phone undergoes Jailbreak or not.
  2. To do identify that, check if your springboard has an app named Cydia or not. Cydia is the most common software for jailbreak & malware installation. If it is there, then uninstall that immediately.
  3. If you don’t find any such app yet still have doubts, then take backup on iCloud and use image verification tool on an encrypted image.
  4. Check for Root Certificates. If they are altered then definitely Jailbreak is done on your iPhone.
  5. In case you find any malware, factory reset your phone, change all your passwords and take backup on the cloud with a strong authentication process.

How to protect your phone from spyware apps? – Useful Android & iPhone security tips

how to protect your phone from spy apps

To protect your Android or iPhone from spyware apps, you have to take some precautions, and these are:

  1. Scan your phone from time to time to check if there is any malware installed on your phone. If you find any malware or virus, fix it using antivirus.
  2. Keep backup on cloud or drive and use two-factor authentication for all social media platforms and mail id, so it gets difficult for a person to hack your data.
  3. Use a strong password for your phone. Don’t use an easy method like a pattern or pin lock to unlock the device.
  4. Keep checking installed phones on your app. If you find any app fishy or suspicious, uninstall it immediately.
  5. Don’t share your passwords with anyone and take care of your surroundings while unlocking your device.

Wrapping It Up!

So, this was the complete guide of How to protect your phone from spyware apps by finding and removing them. In the digital world of advancement, we need to take care of our data as much as possible as personal data has become the most vulnerable & easy to access thing for hackers & spies. Don’t take these things lightly and always take precautions while creating any profile on social media or share your information with someone. Stay Alert, Stay Safe!

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