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Export Bookmarks From Chrome

Export Bookmarks in Chrome

Though everyone is aware of what Bookmarks are, but i feel it is my duty to elaborate again before proceeding to the further steps.

Bookmarks are Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) that are stored in a browser in different formats. These URIs are used as quick launch links to your favorite website or portal that you visit frequently.

With time keep on storing Bookmarks in our browser and realize a massive list is created in our Bookmark corner.

Sometimes we need to uninstall our browser of troubleshoot our  browser settings to rectify several issues.

 Then you need a Bookmarks backup.

 This tutorial is about

How to export Bookmarks from Chrome or backup bookmarks from chrome

  •  Click on the Menu Bar on Extreme right of the address Bar of Chrome browser
  • Go to Bookmarks & then, Bookmarks Manager


  • Click On Organize
  • Click on Export Bookmarks  to HTML file…


  • Save The Bookmark file where ever you want

                    Export Bookmarks in Chrome             

  •  Now you have a backup of all the bookmarks stored in Chrome.
  • You can Import these bookmarks anytime to any new version of chrome or different computer


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