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Enable Disk Quota in Win 7

Disk Quota

What is Disk Quota

Disk Quota is a dedicated limit set by an administrator which restricts a user or a group to a limited disk usage in the modern operating systems. Disk Quota can also be defined as a virtual partition that allows users or groups to use only given space in the modern operating systems. You can Enable Disk Quota in Win 7 in few steps.

  •  Go to My Computer and Right Click on the Drive (C,D or E) and Go to Properties

 Enable disk quota

  • Click on Quota Tab (Here you can enable disk quota)
  • Click on Show Quota Settings under the Quota tab
  • Click on Enable Quota Management (This will Enable disk Quota)

Enable disk quota

  •  Select Deny Space to users exceeding Quota limit to restrict users or groups in a limited storage
  •  You can Select the Quota limit and Quota Warning level as per your need

 Do not Exit

 Enable disk quota

To Enable Disk Quota for a dedicated user

  • Click on Quota Entries
  •  Go to new quota entries as shown in the image below
  •  You can select the user and then select the limit you want to define.

 You just restricted a user to a limited disk usage

 Video Tutorial of How To Enable Disk Quota in Win 7

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