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Free Easy File Locker For Windows

Download Easy File Locker Free

We are in an era where we are always surrounded by people virtually. Indeed, with the free wifi access being available these days, people are also prone and likely to become a cyber victim. Someone may steal your data within no time. To stay safe, I’ve shared a simple solution. Easy File locker is a freeware utility available on the internet, which you may use to protect your folders and files. You may install it on Windows 10/8/7/XP.

What is Easy File Locker?

As I mentioned above, it is a freeware utility program which can be used to

  • Safeguard/secure your files and folders
  • lock them using a password
  • Restrict copy/paste in the folder
  • Restrict moving or deleting the files
  • You may also hide the files which can not be seen by any program or user.

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Will Easy File Locker work in Safe Mode?

Yes! Your files and folders are secured, and this keeps protecting them even if someone boots the computer into safe mode.

Will it Slow Down my computer?

No! Easy file locker is a light program designed to simply protect the files and folder. It does not run any such process which may slow down the computer or impact its performance.

What if someone uninstalls it?

No one can uninstall this freeware tool without your consent. A user can only uninstall it if you give them the password.
So? Once you set a password to secure your files and folders using this tool, you can uninstall only after entering the right password.

Download Easy File Locker for Windows 10/8/7/XP

You may easily download this tool as it’s free to download and use.
Download for 64bit Operating System
Download for 32bit operating System

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