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Easy Canvas Painting Ideas & Tips for Beginners & Kids

Easy Canvas Painting Ideas & Tips for Beginners & Kids

Are you the one who loves to do painting, or are you the parent of an art-loving kid? Art is something that always pleasures us, and many of us always dream of trying our hands on canvas to create a masterpiece. However, doing art on a simple A4 sheet and building it on a large canvas is a whole different thing. If you are planning to do canvas painting, then you must know everything related to it like what kind of canvas you should buy, what variety of colors you should use & some of the easy DIY canvas painting ideas, to begin with. Today, we will share some Best & Easy Canvas Painting Ideas & Tips for beginners and kids. 

Some Best Canvas Painting Tips for Beginners & Kids:

  • It would be best if you utilized Gesso (Primer), as it goes about as an ideal groundwork, adds a decent surface layer to the canvas, and gives a great base to painting. 
  • Remember to set out your underlying wash with the right medium as this wash can help set the artwork’s pace in extraordinarily. 
  • Pick proper brushes that have long bristles just as hardened fibers. 
  • Notwithstanding Gesso, you should likewise apply a foundation shading to ensure that your composition has magnificent wrapping up. 
  • Ensure you modify your shading blends accurately to verify that the outcome doesn’t look darker than you arranged it to. 
  • You should have a sheltered space for your canvas to dry it appropriately. Having a non-stick surface is generally astounding for permitting the artistic creation to dry.

How to choose the Best Canvas for Ideal Canvas Painting?

To create some fantastic canvas paintings, you need to choose the best canvas to meet your requirements. Canvas is used as a support for your art/painting. Canvas provides longevity to your art and increases the efficiency as brushes work smoothly on canvas. While there are various kinds of canvasses available in the market, consider these things to buy Best Canvas for Ideal Canvas Painting:

  • Most of the Canvasses are generally made of cotton or linen, and they are ideal for Acrylic & Oil Paintings. Cotton canvas is less expensive than linen canvas. But linen canvasses are better in quality & support than cotton canvas. Linen canvas is generally suitable for both Acrylic & Oil painting and comes in various options like Canvas Roll, Canvas Panels/boards, Pre-Stretched Canvas, etc. 

Canvas Panels:

Portable Canvas Panels for Beginners
Portable Canvas Panels for Beginners

Canvas Panels are the cheap & ideal choice for beginners. They are made up of heavy-duty cards with glued canvas on one side. If you are looking for a canvas for outdoor paintings, it is an ideal one. Also, Canvas Panels are suitable for both Acrylic & Oil Paintings, but as they are solid & flat, they won’t give you color bounce effect. 

Pre-Stretched Canvas:

Pre-Stretched Canvas for beginners
Pre-Stretched Canvas for Ideal Canvas Painting

Pre-Stretched Canvas refers to that canvas that has already been stretched over a wooden frame. Generally, they are an ideal canvas for beginners as it provides perfect support & color bounce. Pre-Stretched Canvas is of two types: Thin Edge & Thick Edge. Thin edge canvas is ideal for those who want to frame their painting later. But if you don’t want to frame, thick edge canvas is a better option. 

Canvas Rolls:

Canvas Rolls for Canvas Painting Ideas

If you want to stretch your canvas on your own, you can go for Canvas Rolls and stretch it using a wooden frame/stretch bar. They are cheap but generally not suitable for beginners as they require a little experience. But if you want to try, they are readily available in the market. 

  • After selecting the best kind of canvas according to your requirement, you need to check its weight and texture to determine which one is the best. 

The weight of the canvas alludes to the thread thickness and is generally estimated in ounces per yard. The higher the weight of the canvas, the better the quality. 

The texture of the Canvas depends upon weaving. Texture can be either rough or smooth. Smooth canvas is perfect for painting with high details, while the rough surface is perfect for impressionable paintings.

What type of paint is best for canvas?

There are various kinds of paints like Acrylic, Pastel, Oil, etc., available in the market for different types of Canvas Paintings. Each paint has some advantages and disadvantages, and here you can learn what kind of paint you should use for ideal canvas painting.

1) Acrylic Paint:

One of the best & ideal paint for Canvas Paintings. 

Advantages: It dries quickly & can be mix with gel or water smoothly. 

2) Once dried, you can overpaint without ruining underlying layers.

3) Can be used both as thick like oil & thin like watercolor 

4) Also, work as a glue

Disadvantages: As it is completely waterproof, you cannot repaint or make changes after it is fully dried. After drying, colors appear little dark. 

2) Oil Paints:

Ideal for classic & impressionable canvas paintings.

Advantages: Allow you to blend colors as it dries very slowly. 

Can be used both as thick and thin

Gives you best color bounce 

Disadvantages: To thin & clean it, you need solvents. 

As it dries very slowly, you need to wait for long or have to work on multiple paintings at once. 

Some Best DIY Easy Canvas Painting Ideas & Images for Beginners & Kids

While imagination & art has no limits, here are some DIY easy canvas painting ideas you can start with in the beginning:

1) Beach Canvas Painting

Beach Canvas Painting Idea for beginners
Beach Canvas Painting

Use different shades of blue to give an effect of ocean and beach. Write some inspiring quote on it to make it more noticeable. 

2) Holiday Canvas Painting

Holiday Canvas Painting for kids & beginners
Holiday Canvas Painting

Use a single tone as a background color and write some travel-related quote in the stylish font for travel lovers. 

3) Striped Canvas Painting

Striped Canvas Painting Idea for Beginners
Striped Canvas Painting Idea for Beginners

Striped Canvas Painting is one of the easiest canvas painting beginners & kids can try. Also, it looks classy and works for all kinds of people. 

4) Ombre Canvas Painting

Ombre Canvas Painting Idea for beginners
Ombre Canvas Painting Idea

Ombre Canvas Painting is trending art and very easy to make. You just need to choose different tones of a single color and apply them as you like on the canvas to create an ideal Ombre Canvas Painting.

5) Stenciled Canvas Painting

Stenciled Canvas Painting Idea for Kids
Stenciled Canvas Painting Idea

What about using different stencils to create a perfect canvas painting? Sounds beautiful & exciting. 

6) Spray Canvas Painting

Spray Canvas Painting Idea for Kids & Beginners
Spray Canvas Painting Idea for Kids & Beginners

Use brushes with different shades to spray on canvas & create a mesmerizing effect on canvas. 

7) Splatter Canvas Painting

Splatter Canvas Painting Idea for kids and Beginners
Splatter Canvas Painting Idea for kids and Beginners

How about choosing some bright shades and throw them on canvas the way you want? The outcome will be beautiful & can be used to decorate the plain wall of your home. 

8) Wrapping Paper Canvas Artwork

Wrapping Paper Canvas Artwork for Beginners
Wrapping Paper Canvas Artwork for Beginners

Use different colorful papers to wrap in various shapes to create perfect artwork for your home or bedroom. 

9) DIY Herringbone Canvas Painting

DIY Herringbone Canvas Painting Idea for beginners
DIY Herringbone Canvas Painting

This one is my personal favorite & very classy yet easy canvas painting ideas. You just need some sponge, perfect shades, and painter tape to create a masterpiece. 

10) Yarn Canvas Painting

Yarn Canvas Painting Idea for Beginners & Kids
Yarn Canvas Painting Idea for Beginners & Kids

Take some old yarn to dip in your favorite colors and place them on a large canvas to create a mesmerizing and classing yarn canvas painting. 

These are some Best & Easy Canvas Painting Ideas & Tips for Beginners and Kids, which we have curated after a lot of research. Hope this helps you, and if you have anything to contribute to it, please share it with us in comments. Keep learning, and keep sharing!

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