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Best Data Recovery Software for Mac, Windows and RAID

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Since I started working in the IT industry, data recovery has been the most crucial requirement. In most of the organizations, the computer users are not in the habit of keeping their machines maintained. They are always dependent on the IT support to do the same. This is what I’ve personally experienced during my work period in TVS-E Servicetec and Air India. In the article below, I’ll talk about data recovery software (See on Wikipedia). It can help you to recover data after severe loss. Before that, I’d like to tell you some of the preventive measures to avoid data loss from your computer hard drive. Most of the time the user faces data loss when its computer hard disk crashes.

Common Reasons behind Hard Disk failure

Virus Attack:-

  • Operating the computer without any trusted Antivirus Program.
  • Performing file transfers through external storage devices like USB drives.
  • Accessing non-trusted websites that carry malwares, malicious programs and virus,

are the major reasons behind the hard drive corruption.

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Excessive Formatting:– This seems to be a lame reason, but yes! if you frequently format your hard disk or storage media, the sectors start failing after a certain time.

Power Failure:- Hard drive has a landing zone where the reading lens rests after you run the shutdown process. During power failure, the reading lens drops at any random position in the hard disk and this may lead to corruptions and further failures.

Improper Shutdown:– This scenario is same as the above, but here human fault is the reason behind the corruption or failure. Many data recovery experts have reported this as the common reason behind hard drive failure.

There are many other reasons behind this, but all are directly connected with improper shutdown and no maintenance.
Preventive Measures to avoid corruption

  • Install a clean and genuine copy of Operating System, which can recover from minor errors by connecting to OS support end.
  • Install a UPS which will provide you a power backup during power cut.
  • Always shutdown your computer properly before switching off the main AC

There are many data recovery specialist organizations that are expert in data recovery services like hard drive data recovery, Raid Data Recovery, lost data recovery, format data recovery and a lot more. Always remember that there are many free data recovery software available and some of them cost very cheap. Here, below are few best data recovery software services programs that can help you retrieve and restore your data from corrupted hard drive as well. These programs are also featured by various reputed tech magazines like Firstpost (Tech 2), Softonic etc.

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Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software

One of the finest data recovery tools I have used is Stellar Phoenix windows data recovery. It helps to recover data and locate lost partitions from a drive larger than 2 TB. It provides as quick data recovery which also saves a lot of time. Stellar Windows data recovery provides

  • Lost or Deleted Volumes Recovery
  • Image or Multimedia Recovery
  • Mobile Phone Recovery
  • Advanced Data recovery for complex directories

You can read more about this windows data recovery tool and try its demo version by clicking on this LINKStellar Phoenix Windows and MAC data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

Stellar’s Mac data recovery software recovers documents, files, music, images, movies lost or deleted from any HFS, FAT, HFS+, ExFAT and NTFS file system based storage media devices.

It can recover corrupted or lost data from Mac, MacBook Pro, Air, Mac Mini or Mac Pro. It also restores the data with the same or exact file name as it was before. This is a Mac data recovery specialist tool to recover your data from the Latest OS X Mavericks as well. It provides an ease for

  • Deleted Volume Recovery
  • Raw Recovery
  • NTFS recovery from Mac
  • Optical Media Recovery
  • IPod Data recovery

Get more information about Mac data recovery tool by Stellar and download it from this LINK.

Stellar Phoenix Raid Recovery

If you require are looking for a data recovery specialist to recover the data from your RAID drive, Stellar Phoenix RAID recovery should be your first preference. It provides a secure data recovery from RAID o, RAID 5 and RAID 6 arrays. It covers

  • RAID Recovery
  • Remote Data Recovery
  • Recovery from Virtual RAID Construction
  • Recovery from Media with Bad Sectors
  • Automatic Detection of RAID Factor and lot more

You may follow the LINK to know the detailed information about this and download RAID recovery Tool by Stellar.

You can also trust few more data recovery experts which are in the race of developing the best data recovery software for the windows and Mac users.

  1. Kernel Windows data recovery software is another fine tool that can provide you a perfect data recovery solution for your lost, formatted or corrupted data. You may read more about it on this LINK
    • Kernel also provides data recovery software for Macintosh which is also another popular tool among the big organizations. You may download the tool from this LINK
  2. SysToolsGroup Data recovery software is developed by a Pune (India) based software developing company. It has developed one the finest windows data recovery  tool manufacturers. You may read more about it by visiting this LINK and download the tool.

There are some free data recovery programs available in the market as well,  but these free tools are not worth using if you are serious about your computer data or data which you lost from your external media device. As of now, these are the best data recovery software programs I have gone through. If you have any other suggestions regarding a good data recovery services, you may  drop in the comment section below.

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  1. Data lose is Biggest issue & problem in Windows ! I always hear to lost my Data in Window ! I tried many ways to make sure & save Data in Window ! I appreciate this amazing & valuable post about to Best Data Recovery Software in Windows! Thanks Admin for nice post & sharing this amazing Information to save Data !

  2. Till today, Data loss is not an uncommon issue even after getting a big technological exposure and advanced OS X versions. Thanks for sharing this adherent Mac Data recovery tool to regain Mac data.

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