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Block Websites on Home Computer (FREE)

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I was working as an outsource Network engineer for Air India, at IGI Airport T3 New Delhi. Fighting with spamming in the network. Every second day we used to have a new issue arising. We had a Fortinet firewall installed on our server. It was to prevent users from accessing unwanted websites in the departments. In simple words i would say that Fortinet Firewall is used to block websites on a network. as it is installed right before out gateway server.

Fortinet Fails to Block WebsitesBlock websites using Fortinet

Fortinet is a Hardware Firewall that can be configured for different IPs. We can create different groups, assign them different policies and block websites accordingly. But to gain all this, we need to Spend a big amount. Still the users were able to access all websites like Facebook, and other pornographic.

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How The Users Accessed Blocked Websites

There are many options available for the naughty elements over web. A very popular freeware among all is Ultra Surf. Its a freeware and easily available over web. But the question is, How a tiny freeware unblocks internet even if there is a hardware Firewall installed. It actually provides a virtual IP from USA to your computer, Fortinet, which is configured for India, doesn’t understand the IP and allows to bypass. And you are done. This was the Scenario that forced me to find an alternate solution which i’ve shred in this article below.Unblock websites with Ultrasurf

Lets just now move towards Home computers. As these days people strongly need a full proof solution to block websites on their home computer and track their children as well.

Home Computers – Problem and the Best Solution

With the increase of internet use in homes now, it has also become a matter of concern for all the parents. They want their kids to be updated using internet but they do have a sincere concern that their kids do not access inappropriate websites or links. To block websites, every user make a lot of efforts and i am happy to share this simple solution with you all.

Even after keeping an eye sometimes Virus does the same and automatic Pop Ups are found which is really not acceptable for any family.


This Solution has also been opted by many small organizations who cannot afford expensive hardware firewalls and thus this easy to install Utility can block websites on home computer and organizations as well.

 Here’s a Solution for you, A software firewall which is easy to use with really good results..

block websites on home computer

Look How to  Block Websites on Home Computer

K9 Web protection, A simple FREE program that can be used to block  not just a single Website but Categories,

For Example – If you block “Pornography”, all the websites will be blocked that come under this category.

block websites in office

  Working on a principle of Real Time Protection, it is a program that keeps an eye on your children even if you are not at home. 

 GET K9 Web Protection from this link and if you have any problem configuring this smart windows application, you may drop your queries in comments.

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