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Gmail Tips

Undo Sent Mail in Gmail

Did you just Sent an E-mail before you were done with it.. ? Or you just forgot to attach the document and sent the mail...
Folder Hangs

How to Fix “Download” Folder Hang Problem

We all are download freaks, over internet we download a lot of stuff, mostly every file gets downloaded in the "Downloads" folder in Win7...
Disk Quota

Enable Disk Quota in Win 7

What is Disk Quota Disk Quota is a dedicated limit set by an administrator which restricts a user or a group to a limited disk...
IP Change File

IP Changer-Change Multiple IP Addresses

People these days love their Gadgets, Even if we go to our office or being at our residence, we prefer to use the same...
IDM registered with fake

Internet Download Manager Patch – Download

I've come up with yet another article on here on Technoratan India. Previously i had shared how to enable automatic scrolling on your blogger...
Export Bookmarks in Chrome

Export Bookmarks From Chrome

Though everyone is aware of what Bookmarks are, but i feel it is my duty to elaborate again before proceeding to the further steps. Bookmarks...
Stellar Data Recovery

Best Data Recovery Software

Lot of times many of the users accidentally delete their data, Sometimes its worst when your important data gets corrupted and you need to...
Different Search Engines

Effective Pics Search in Different Search Engines

There are many search engines that allow people to find information in a quite short time without any difficulties. It may seem that mechanism...

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