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6 Best Instagram Story Hacks No one ever told you

6 Best Instagram Story Hacks No one ever told you

Are you the one who loves to upload every post or update on Instagram? Do you like to experiment with your Instagram stories and always want people to watch your stories? Instagram stories are a great way to engage with your followers as the majority of people daily scroll & watch their followers’ stories. If you are a brand that wants to display its products in a creative way or an individual who wants to engage with followers, you need to use best Instagram story hacks to make your stories more interesting.

Today, we are sharing some best Instagram Story Hacks that will blow your mind and definitely bring more engagement to your account.

1) Give Solid, Translucent Background to your Instagram Stories:

Let’s start with my favorite hack. If you get bore by posting regular image or video in your Instagram story and wants to add some exciting backgrounds or filters, here is a simple yet best Instagram Story Hack.

How to give Solid & transparent Background in Instagram Stories?

  • Simply choose a photo from your gallery to add in a story.
    Choose the Pen tool, and you will get various brushes to fill your picture with.
  • If you want a solid background, choose the first brush, and then select the desired color for the background. If you want a transparent background, choose the second brush, and choose the color.
  • Hold your screen for a few seconds, and your image is covered by the desired background.
  • To reveal some parts of the picture to make it more interesting, use the eraser tool.
    Isn’t it so simple & amazing? If you haven’t tried yet, give it a try and see the difference.
Best Instagram Story hacks- Solid Background
Soild Background in Instagram Stories using Pen Tool
Instagram Story Hacks Tricks and Tips -Translucent Background
How to create translucent background in Instagram stories

2) Create a Color Fog in Instagram Stories using Emojis:

No, I am not joking. You can create a color fog in your Instagram Stories using emojis available in the square smiley icon we all use. In fact, it is one of the less known and best Instagram Stories Hacks you must try.

Create Color Fog Effect in Instagram Story
Create Color Fog Effect in Instagram Story

Steps to create Color Fog in Instagram Stories using Emojis:

  • Pick any picture from your gallery on which you want to create color fog. You can choose a colorful background from the “Create” option in your Instagram story if you don’t want to use picture.
  • Now from the square smiley icon on the top right corner, choose an emoji having the same color you want for the color fog.
  • After selecting the emoji, as you will expand the emoji, it will create a color fog, and it works excellent on plain images. You can rotate the emoji in a way you want the color fog to appear.

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3) Give Drop Shadow Effect to your Text

How to create Drop Shadow Effect Text in instagram story
How to create Drop Shadow Effect Text in Instagram Story

Now you will think it might be some new feature of the Instagram Story, which I am talking about. But, No, there is no new feature. Yet you can give Drop Shadow Effect to your text to make it more attractive and highlighted. Want to know how? Then read this.

  • After choosing the desired photo or background on which you want to add text, simply write your text first using the aA icon.
  • After writing, copy that text and again paste above the previous text but with the contrasting color. In this way, you will create a Drop shadow effect on your text, and it will look more attractive & catchy.

4) Convert your Live Photos in Boomerang in Instagram Stories:

Convert Live Photos to Boomerang in Instagram Story
Convert Live Photos to Boomerang in Instagram Story

Another one of the best Instagram Story Hacks. If you want to make your live photo more interesting for your Instagram Story, simply select the live photo from the gallery and touch it for a few seconds. The Boomerang option will appear after a few seconds, and your live photo is now converted to post as an Instagram Story in a Boomerang.

5) Add Location in Instagram Stories to gain more engagement & Reach:

Location feature in Instagram Story
Location feature in Instagram Story

Do you that adding the Location in your Instagram stories can help you in gaining more views on your story and more followers on your account? Yes, that’s true. Adding a location to your Instagram Stories, allow your stories to show in Location’s feed as well as it might show up in Location’s popular/recent stories. In that way, the chances are high that views will increase in that particular story, and the same people might follow your account as well.

6) Hide the Hashtags in the Instagram Story by Blending them:

Hide the Hashtags in the Instagram Story by Belnding Them
Hide the Hashtags in the Instagram Story by Belnding Them

Are you the one who loves to use multiple hashtags in the Instagram story, but that makes your Instagram Story looks overcrowded? Don’t worry, we got your back. We are sharing one of the Best Instagram Story Hacks with you, which will allow you to use multiple hacks by hiding them (still they will work).

How to hide hashtags in Instagram Story?

  • Choose the photo you want to upload in the story and write hashtags related to it.
  • After that, blend the hashtags by coloring them with the same color as of your picture’s background/the main color. You can also hide them by using some emojis on them.
  • In this way, your hashtags will not show but still appear in the searches.So, these were some cool & Best Instagram Story Hacks that you must try to gain more followers & engagement on your Instagram account. I hope you find them useful and try them to make your Instagram stories more creative. Keep Learning and Keep sharing!

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