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How To Browse & Email Safely and Anonymously With TorBox.Net

How to setup Torbox.net to browse safely & anonymously

In the past, I have never thought that I’d need to block my identity while using the Internet. I used to think that the anonymous use of the Internet is for criminals, hackers, etc. and for general people like you and me, it will never work in that way. But sometimes you need to protect your identity to prevent your information from IP address, Internet history, and other crucial details. To protect your identity & browse safely, here is the tool known as Torbox.Net that you must try. If you are not aware of Torbox.net proxy server and its setup, this article will give you complete insights about it.

Just to remind you that the dark web is also considered to be the hidden Internet. Lots of the web browser are available which provide access to the dark web. Dark Internet websites have been increased due to security and privacy issue. Many people use the dark web to surf the Internet. Yeah! In today’s world, where Privacy on the Internet is a myth, it is necessary to protect your identity and useful information while browsing. That is why here we’ll talk about the additional layer of protection- Torbox.Net.

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How to Use & Set Up Torbox.Net along with VM System to Protect Your Identity?

VM System is something where the person can send the emails entirely from the different IP address, this was quite surprising to know. I never thought about it, but it was a bit cool. Now I get to know about the legitimate need from where the traffic comes from. Torbox.Net is the one who doesn’t require walk-on-programming skills. What you have to do?

How to Setup Torbox Net

Here is the complete guide of How to use & set up Torbox.Net to browse anonymously. Just follow these steps:

  • You just have to install both the Gateways and Workstations. Click on the download button and use the ‘Import Appliance’ tool in VirtualBox for loading the two VMs.
  • While importing, you’ll see the details of the pre-configured system. The developers advise not to reinitialize the MAC addresses. I don’t know about the exact reason but don’t do that.
  • After importing both of them, you’ll see them both in Virtual Machines. The next step that you have to do in launching the TorBox Gateway, and then Workstations.
  • The process not only provides you anonymity while browsing the Internet and sending out emails but also protects from the snooping eyes for spyware installed on your PC, which tracks your online transmissions.
  • The Gateway component of the setup operates with its isolated network, connected with the VM Workstations. Accessing the Internet through this setup goes out to the Internet via the ‘Torified’ connection, but it won’t work through your ‘non-torified’ connection.
  • VM allows getting your anonymous safety of Tor and the additional protection for running your browsing within a self-contained VM machine, which your host computer can’t play.
  • When you launch the gateway, you’ll see the text on your screen.
  • When it stops, you’ll have to launch the workstation. The screen will appear, just right-click there, and the menu system will appear. You’ll find the new existing application that is installed already, PDF reader, and text reader.
  • If you have to save this only, Click on ‘TorBrowser,’ and the browser will launch to your VM.
  • Now, browse to WhatIsMyIP.com with your host computer. You can also do it on TorBrowser.

Torbrowser to browse securely

  • The interesting thing you’ll find is the remote server did not think that my Torbox traffic is coming from the proxy. You can also use regular online email services and even online forums that will block the people who are using a proxy.
  • TorBrowser also has additional security features. For instance, clicking on the HTTPS icon on the upper right, you can also enable the HTTPs on all sites wherever possible.
  • While clicking on the Tor Icon, you’ll find the security setting that can be used to tighten or loosen Internet browsing security.
  • The history tab will show you the browsing history, which is handled and protected. Explore through the forms, cache, cookies, and various other tabs to choose what to protect and what not.
  • The browser offers such a tight security level inside of an already secure VM setup with a Torified network. You couldn’t ask for much better security than this kind of setup.
  • After enabling and securing the VM setup, access the HushMail for making contact with the correspondents around the world. Hushmail adds the level of security to the stockpiled blockade that the existing network now provides.
  • This setup might not be perfect and would add on no security setup is. Just hoping that someone somewhere might be able to figure out the better way. Therefore, using an ultra-secure setup by running the TorBox.Net, at least you’ll be assured that you have tried your level best to isolate your communications and Internet traffic.

Benefits & Applications of the Dark Web?

Dark Web lets you browse anonymously by protecting your identity, your surfing details, and other crucial information. Some of the best applications of the Dark Web are:

1. Access Social Media Sites: You can easily access your social media site on the dark web, like using an onion site on Facebook. It is a good way to avoid the targeted Facebook ads. It can easily be secured and encrypted.

2. Send Anonymous Emails: Many email services include ‘TorBox’ and allows sending messages securely. These emails send via multiple anonymous servers, so the source can’t be traced back. Unlike temporary email services, the accounts are free and forever.

3. Independent Journalism: The application is considered to be the best on the dark web. It can access the controversial content of their research. The opinion has never been down in the years. You can access the onion links for popular news websites, which is just another way to bypass the paywalls.

4. Access Scientific Articles: Many scientific publications are not accessible on the surface web from the University. The dark web serves as a great resource leveler as you can find the information with a few quick searches.

5. Download Latest Movies & Shows: Using Torbox Torrents, you can download latest & old movies and web shows that are not easily available on the surface web.

Torbox to download Movies

Have you surfed the dark web before? How was the experience for you? Just wondering, have you ever tried any Torbox Tools? If not, you must try out the TorBox.Net and share your security setup with me in the comment section.

I hope this article benefits you with all the crucial information about the Torbox setup and the dark web. The number of dark websites might not be huge, but there is still a lot of information you can’t find using the surface web and thus need the deep web to access all that.

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