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Shareit Alternative Indian App – List of Best Alternatives for Shareit in India

Shareit Alternative Indian App - List of Best Alternatives for Shareit in India

After the ban of 59 Chinese Apps in India on Google Play Store and other app stores, people are struggling hard to find the Indian alternatives of some widely used popular Chinese apps. SHAREit was one of the daily use apps in the list of 59 banned apps in India; used to share files between users easily. Since then people are looking for some best alternatives for Shareit in India. Let’s see if we have any Shareit Alternative Indian App available in app stores.

As ShareIt is banned now, luckily we have a lot of new Indian apps in apps store with similar functionality. These apps would be relatively more reliable as they are not banned and made in India. Using a secure file sharing solution is very essential to ensure integrity. These days it is very common for mobile users to have private and personal data on their smartphones and if someone uses such malicious apps, then it will make the data vulnerable and can be misused against them.

Shareit Alternative Indian Apps

After Chinese apps ban, more users now tend to search for Shareit Indian alternatives file transfer apps for Android and iPhone, etc. So, we have found and listed some of the best Shareit Indian alternative apps for you. Check below and start using which one you like.

Best Alternatives for Shareit in India


Shareall File Transfer App-Shareit Alternative Indian App

ShareAll is similar to Shareit, with name also. It allows users to share files through WiFi file transfer instead of Bluetooth. You can also protect the files by password, whether they are pictures, documents, videos, etc. For now, it is available to download for Android users only.

Send Anywhere

SendAnywhere App- Shareit Alternative Indian App

This Send Anywhere app will also help you to transfer the file directly just using the WiFi. This app has another aspect, as it is using the 256-bit file encryption to protect the data while transferring data with others. Users can also create links to share files with friends easily through WhatsApp or any other social networks. This will ease the process of sharing when you are not with the person whom you want to send the files. Send Anywhere app is available to download on both Android and iOS.

Files by Google

Files by Google- Best Alternatives for Shareit In India

Files by Google was initially launched as Files Go in 2017. This Google app helps the user to control and look for files together with offline file sharing, clean cache files to work your smartphone smoother. As most of the Google apps, this app is only available on Android, and not on iOS.

What are other Best Indian Alternative Apps for Shareit?

  • Superbeam
  • JioSwitch
  • Z Share
  • Zapya
  • Feem V4
  • MX Player

Shareit Which Country App?

As we all know, Shareit Banned in India along with other Chinese applications. At the time when Shareit has started the big question that stood out in our brain is Shareit app belongs to which country? The Shareit (Smart Media4U Technology) is purely a Chinese app and was established in April 2015.  

9 Best SHAREit Alternative Apps For File Sharing And Data Transfer On Phones and PC

Above mentioned are applications are some of the best SHAREit alternatives you can try for data transfer and file sharing from your Android devices and few apps also work with Apple iOS.

Perhaps, SHAREit was the best and most popular among users when it comes to mobile to mobile transfer. It was also the app which came by default in new phones. But now as shareit app is banned, you have plenty of Best Alternatives for Shareit in India to try and choose the best one to go with your regular data transfer safely.

FAQs on Shareit Alternative Indian App

1. Which Country App is the Shareit from?

The Shareit is purely a Chinese app (Smart Media4U Technology Pvt Ltd) is a Beijing headquartered Chinese company founded in April 2015.

2. Is Shareit Banned in India?

Yes, the Indian Govt has recently banned 59+ Chinese apps, including Shareit.

3. What is the Alternative App for Shareit in India?

The most reliable alternative App for Shareit in India includes ShareAll, Superbeam, Files by Google, MxPlayer, Send Anywhere and more mentioned in the list above.


Hopefully, this list of some best Shareit Alternative Indian App would be helpful and you can try for sharing files from your Android and iOS mobile phones. All these Best Alternatives for Shareit in India are free to download and use. You can download them from Google Play Store or Apple Store to use.

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