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JioMeet Review – India’s Video Conferencing Application

JioMeet Review - Jio Vs Zoom

Reliance Jio has been actively playing an essential role in the digital world. It revolutionized the internet world by introducing the Jio net to the world. Yet another time, India’s richest man has given us something everyone needs in today’s world. India’s pioneer organization has come up with JioMeet, which is India’s video conferencing app. People may want to understand if they should switch to the new video calling app or not. To help you out, here is the JioMeet review for you to decide if you’re going to use it or wait for some time.

While work from home has become the new norm in today’s world, getting connected with colleagues over the calls has become essential. Previously, most of the organizations used to have their own video conferencing setup in the organization. Achieving it used to involve a lot of money, hardware, installation space, and time.

In the recent past, making video calls has been an integral part of our professional and personal lives. There have been applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, GoTo Webinar, and several others. Zoom, which is available for free, has been in conversations not just for its easy interface but also for the security lag. I’ve personally used all the above-mentioned video conferencing apps and found zoom to be the easiest because of its interface and the video quality.

Reliance Jio Meet Video Conferencing app

Reliance JioMeet Review

The Reliance industry limited is ready to revolutionize the digital world yet again. Jio meet has been launched and already a topic of discussion amongst the people. If you visit “jiomeet.jio.com,” it still says it’s coming soon.

What does JioMeet have to Offer?

  • You may download Jio Meet from Google Play Store and App Store.
  • It’s no different from applications like Zoom, but here as some key points you may want to know.
  • It supports direct calling (also known as 1:1 calling)
  • You can host a meeting of up to 100 participants in the free version.
  • You may signup using your mobile number or email ID.
  • You may expect HD quality Video calls.
  • Unlimited Jio net meetings can be created in a day.
  • It provides enterprise-grade controls like creating a password-protected meeting, and you also enable the waiting room as you do in the other video conferencing apps.

JioMeet Vs. Zoom – What is the Major Difference

Zoom Vs. Jio Meet- Which one is better

The biggest debate going on after the launch of Jio Meet app is whether it is better from the popular video conferencing app Zoom or not. Here are some key highlight differences between JioMeet vs. Zoom, that will help you to understand which one is the better video conferencing app.

Zoom JioMeet
In the Free Version, the video call gets disconnected after 40 mins. Unlike Zoom there is no such restriction in JioMeet free version and the calls may go even up to 24 hrs
Zoom Provides an option to record the video conferencing sessions in its free version Call recording on JioMeet is currently not available and may be a part of their paid version

People want to know which is better, Zoom app or JioMeet app. Among these video conferencing apps, the JioMeet review will give an information about which can be useful for you all to take a decision.

Installing and Experience Jio Meet

If you have never installed the app, and someone sends you a link to a meeting, you may click on the meeting link, and you shall be redirected to the play store/App Store to download it.

Current Flaw

Once the app is downloaded, you need to again click on the link, which prompts you to open Jiomeet app. You may also manually type the meeting ID, followed by the password.

Video Quality

Despite high-speed internet, the video quality was not up to the mark, and it could see the picture was pixelated. So, the claims of HD quality video fail in the environment we tested it.

Although, we didn’t find the video quality to be that good, but we recommend you to use it once. As soon as JioMeet’s technical team work on improving their compression levels and codec being used, the quality will upgrade in the future.

Screen Sharing on Jio meet App

We found Screen Sharing on Jio Meet quick and responsive with the quality graphics.

User Reviews about JioMeet app

To bring some more authenticity in our Jiomeet review, we asked a couple of Techies to have a Jio meet call and tell us their experience.

Rishi Batra, a digital marketer and Head of client communications at Digirovers Solutions Pvt limited, shared his experience. He told the interface is quite like what Zoom has, but the video quality is whats needs to be worked on.

Mohit Kumar, an IT consultant with one of the leading IT firms, shared the same info. Everything other than the video quality looks good.

Tell us about your experience.

So, this was all about the recently launched India’s video conferencing app JioMeet app review. If you have already used or intend to use this video conferencing application, we would love to hear from you.

If this initial Jiomeet review has helped you understand about this app by Reliance, share your comments.

Ease Of Instal
Audio Quality
Screen Sharing
Video Quality
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      Currently the call recording option is not a part of JioMeet free version. It may be added in their paid version package. Will update the article as soon as we have any information. You may come back and check out the same in the future.

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