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Is Avast Cleanup Premium Worth It?- Reviews, Features & Pricing

Is Avast Cleanup Premium Worth It?- Review, Features,Price

Avast is one of the most popular antivirus software. The software is one of the oldest and most reliable in the market. What I love about this antivirus software is we can use it freely, although its premium version is much vast & better. The free version won’t disappoint you, but if you are looking for tools like VPN service, cloud software, and anti-tracking, etc., then you must try its premium version known as Avast Cleanup Premium. If you are thinking, Is Avast Cleanup Premium worth it?, Check this detailed Avast Cleanup Premium Review with features & Pricing. 

What is Avast Cleanup?

Avast Cleanup is a well-Known antivirus, or you can say the optimization tool for your computer. It will make your system run faster by organizing the files and cleaning the registry. It improves the speed of your system, and that is the main reason for this software for being famous.

Avast Cleanup maintains your system by letting it running smoothly and quickly. From cleaning the trash from your computers to keeping your driver and software updated, Avast Cleanup ensures that there are no vulnerabilities.

Why cleaning old files on the computer is useful?

The more files in your computer system, the more capacity needed for processing the data. It is hard to keep the various files on the PC if you regularly use your PC as it will slow down your work. The websites you visit contains a lot of logs which can affect some data on your computer. Your PC gets cluttered with all of them, and hardware won’t be able to work with it quickly. Keeping aside the logs, old files can be infected with the viruses, which can add the issues for the performance.

Therefore, at least the basic cleaning helps in getting rid of cookies and the trash files at your PC. This is the main reason why you should do the cleanup from time to time.

Avast Cleanup Premium Review & Features

Avast is very efficient when it comes to detecting malicious files. The Avast cleanup looks everywhere for the cleanup like browser cache, cookies, downloads, different files, etc. So, in the end, free space at your PC will be more. 

Avast Cleanup Premium Features
Avast Cleanup Premium Features

The Avast Cleanup Premium features are as follows:

Disk Cleaner

The software will remove all the trash that you have in your PC by identifying & removing unnecessary apps & files, which other antivirus might not able to detect. It helps in detecting your files that take too much space and also remove all the junk files from your computer.

Registry Cleaner

In windows, the OS registry is a data center that contains all the settings related to your system. The database is used both by the windows itself and the programs that are installed at your PC. Each time when you get the new application on PC, the registry gets more and more entries. The more it keeps, the system will get slower. That is why the registry should be cleaned from time to time. Avast Cleanup Premium does this job very well.

Browser Cleaner

The browsers have a lot of data-cookies, unused plugins, and much more. All the files are useful until a certain point until they are not outdated. The browser clutters the whole system, But Avast cleanup helps you clean all the data, which is useless. 

Sleep Mode

Many applications keep running at your PC. Avast will show the active programs, and of course, by the chart, you will understand how many resources have been choosing. There you can select the app you don’t need to the sleep mode. It will enhance your PC performance.

Shortcut Cleaner

Application at your PC creates a shortcut for speeding up the loaded programs. By the time the shortcuts die and become useless. Avast detects and deletes them and improves the performance of the PC. 

Bloatware Removal

There is a lot of Bloatware at your system, which can be some trial versions of the apps you forget about ads and toolbars installed with other software and many other things. The tool will get rid of everything unnecessary.

Automatic Maintenance

Avast's Automatic Maintenance

Well! Sometimes we are so much busy we didn’t have time to look after the system cleanup. For that, you can set up for the automatic schedule, checkups, and cleanups with Avast Cleanup Premium. It helps in saving your time.

Tuning Dashboard and Action Center

This dashboard will show you the current state of your PC. It will give some insights into what actions you will perform the speed of the system. 

Is Avast Cleanup Free?

No, Avast Cleanup is not free! If you want to try it for a basic-version, then Avast Cleanup Free is available in the scanning mode. In case you want to try all the features, activated the trial period of Avast Premium Cleanup. The trial version of 60 days and allow the users with full advantages of the features and tools.

Avast Cleanup Premium Plans & Pricing

You have to spend money on the subscription of Avast Cleanup Premium. Plans and Pricing of Avast Premium Cleanup:

  • 1 year- $49.99
  • 2 years- $ 89.99
  • 3 years- $129.99

Avast cleanup premium is a part of Avast Ultimate Bundle.

Buy Avast Cleanup Premium from here.

Is Avast Cleanup Premium Safe?

It is safe in the sense that it will make your PC run efficiently with properly scheduled scanning. It won’t install any viruses on your PC. Avast fixes your PC problem, free up the space scan, and takes care of your PC’s maintenance.

Avast Cleanup is safe and fixes your PC problems from time to time.

Is Avast Cleanup Premium worth it?

Someone who is an advanced user will find this software pointless as he can perform all these actions manually. However, those who are not so tech-savvy will enjoy it since it easily and automatically boosts the performance of your PC.

Such software gives your PC support, especially the auto cleanup will boost your PC’s speed without much effort. You can keep your system neat and clean with Avast Cleanup Premium, and for that, it is worth the price. 

Wrapping Up!

So, this was the detailed Avast Cleanup Premium Review with features & pricing. We hope that your dilemma of Is Avast Cleanup Premium Worth it is now over. The Avast Cleanup Premium can be the optimizing tool of the PC with all the fantastic features. Some of the features of Avast Cleanup Antivirus you may found it bit gimmicky and tacked on. Buying the Avast Cleanup Premium is worth with all its features and functions. You can buy it without having any doubt in your mind. You will not regret buying it. According to us, you must try its free-version first and then go for the paid ones. Don’t forget to share your experience with us. 

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