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Poker is now a popular game, but it has its roots from the 16th century, where Germans started it with a game called pochen, which was then taken up by the French as something named poque, which in 1830 became the actual poker which is played nowadays. Before we talk about how to play poker online, you should know the various ways it is played. People play poker in almost every place starting from home to big casinos.

Poker is mostly a game played based on the deck of cards. In few, they use one deck or two. In some, they have extra joker cards too. It goes like people betting over each other, and each card has its scoring value. A person who has a good view of the value of cards and the betting process can master it. Still, it is effortless to play. The betting process is an essential essence, which makes the game exciting and worth playing.

Knowing when to bet is the most important thing for you to make a deal in the poker game. 

How to Play Poker?

There are two most popular varieties which are played; Texas hold’em and pot-limit Omaha. There is something called hole cards and community cards, in Texas hold’em each player is given 2-hole cards, and a player has to make a combination of 5 cards from the cards placed in the table, the one to have the best combination wins. When it comes to pot-limit Omaha, each player is given 4-hole cards from which the player has to give away 2 of the cards and then take cards from the table to make a five-card poker combo the one to have the best pack wins. In the recent past people have opted to play poker online over other activities.

Betting in Poker

Poker is a game in which bet plays along; most poker games are played with bet only. And this involves a forced amount. Every player has to put an amount as big blind and small blind. Each player is given some amount of money, and it is called the pot. As the game goes, the player uses this money and build their pot. Both hold’em, and pot-limit Omaha has four rounds, namely pre-flop, flop, turn and river. The distributions of cards are done in a way that the dealer starts distributing from his left and then goes clockwise and the second player to receive is the big blind, and the small blind starts the game, and he is the one who places the first bet which is the half of the total of the big blind. In the process of betting, there are 5 cases which occurs there are,

What is Wagering ?

A wager is something that each player holds as a minimum token amount, which they can use to remain in the game.

What is a Call in Poker?

A call is in which a player would place an amount that is equal to the last-placed wager placed by the player.

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What is a Fold in Poker?

The fold is where a player skips the action of taking a card, thinking that maybe the card which is dealt is not good enough, but when doing, so he will be out of the game for that hand.

What is Check?

A player checks, by doing that he makes it a wanted move to stop the option to open the pot from his side and is moving the chance to the person on the left of him and a player can do this only if there is no wager on the process on him at that moment.

Raise Situation in Poker

Raise is a situation where a player increases the last wager on the table. A player does this if he has a good combination of cards or if he wants to bluff the other players. When a player thinks his card is not a good one, they can drop out any time from the game in all four rounds. This is where decision making brings a great deal as they can leave or keep matching pots and do some bluffing, making others believe that you have the right combination and make others to withdraw or make a good decision to leave to save yourself from the worst. 

When real money is involved:

Money makes the game even more interesting as you can win money even while playing, and when real money is involved, people tend to see if it is safe for them to put their money and get back their won, especially if it’s online. When money is involved there are almost the same procedure in all online sites, and the process goes like,

The deposit and withdrawal of money: The process of depositing and withdrawal happens according to the Indian law on online gaming, and mostly, all online sites provide fast and easy process and, according to the Indian law, it’s quite safe.

  • Maintaining your account:

Most online site does provide service of maintaining the process of your funds for account balance and other services to see that all your winning money and additional funds are safe and the operations are ethical.

  • Deposits are made Weekly:

 As it is involved with real money, the sites do help you with things going out of hand. They put a limit on the deposit, which lets you deposit only weekly. 

  • Fast withdrawals:

The withdrawal process is made very easy for you to do with ease. The process is like you would have to log in to your app, take a few steps, and withdraw your money with a click by clicking the withdrawal button. 

Poker is a game that involves mind and luck, so if you’re a person who is good at mind games, poker can be your piece of cake. Playing it online is another excellent chance for you to give those skills to test, and many online sites allow you to play with a lot of people. You can also win money and find it fun and exciting, and also most sites have made it safe for you to have a better run with it.

How to Play poker online on PokerBaazi

Several other online casino websites provide different games like Poker, roulette, Andar Bahar, Blackjack with several other live casino options. PokerBaazi is an Indian website providing an opportunity to play Poker online yet responsibly.

How to Play Poker Online On PokerBaazi

It is India’s licensed and most trusted Poker website. The minimum amount you may deposite to play Poker on PokerBaazi is INR 25/- to INR 15000/- without having the KYC done.

You may click on this link, use the PokerBaazi coupon code WELCOME100 and get a bonus up to INR 2500/-.

Do not forget to visit the responsible gaming section on their website.

Here is a tutorial on how to play no limit Texa Hold’em.

There are several other tutorials on the PokerBaazi website, which you may refer to and again! Be responsible while playing.

How to Withdraw Money from PokerBaazi?

Withdrawing money from PokerBaazi is pretty simple. All they ask you to do is complete the KYC process, and you may withdraw the chips you won in the form of real money in your bank account.

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