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Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

WayBack Machine Alternatives

In late 2016, I realized that my website “Technoratan” was down. After realizing that I did not even have access to my web hosting server, it was devastating as there was a lot of content on the website. It is when I used the Wayback Machine and retrieved all the material to rebuild the website. At that time, I came to know about some best Wayback Machine Alternatives. It has been a great blessing to have it in place. Many of us are not aware of the Wayback machine, so before moving ahead, let us discuss what exactly the Wayback Machines are.

Importance of a Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is the website which contains the information for the billion of sites and web pages around the internet. It allows you to take out the history of websites and webpages. In case any of the websites have been removed from the web or public domain, you can find all the information from Wayback machines. The website captures all the information on the website from old to new. You can enter the URL at the search engine of this website. Wayback Machines are informative. It is even helpful when the websites update some data or remove some of the content. You still seek the material which was there before the update, a Wayback machine or an alternative to that is the best option for you.

In 2019, Wayback Machine has been either blocked by the government itself or by the private companies in Russia, China, and the USA. Wayback Machines have faced several problems with its censorship and legal troubles. Moreover, considering how useful it can be for saving the vast information which is censored, including removed data. It is likely that other companies and government have taken action against it.

Here we are providing a list of some Best Wayback Machine Alternatives, and the list is as follow:


Archive.is functions similarly as Wayback machine but a bit different from it. Archive.is takes multiple screenshots of the submitted links and saves the webpage precisely as it was on it. You may have a look at its features by visiting the webpage mentioned here.


This link can be used for searching the web pages instead of having search for the saves per day or date by using a link. You can also add the date to the link that will help you in searching for available saved versions at a specific period or a time. Archive.is uses the data both from crawlers and screenshots. The result of this is a higher success rate while achieving the web pages as many of the webpages has broken stylesheets. It also allows the user for downloading from the webpage of the archive in a zip file. Archive.is is the closest alternative to the Wayback Machine.

So? do you still want to wait, you may try visiting the Archive.is and submit the URL https://technoratan.net. Go through the process, and I am sure it will be helpful in the future.

Please note, we also keep updating the content, so the readers get the new content and stay updated with the latest information.


It uses the DomainTools API. It means that the user has to buy the DomainTools membership for using it further. It also has data derived from the other domain tool utilities that provide you with a detailed insight of the archived web pages. You may fetch the information about the date of registration of the domain, the compiled database, and how many numbers of times the ownership has changed. Screenshots.com is user-friendly, which has a clean and understandable interface. Well! Screenshot.com can’t be said as the best alternative of Wayback machines when it comes to saving of the webpages via crawlers also in preserving the source code and image data. Screenshots.com is connected to the domain, so it gives much useful information about the domain you select.


It is a new archiving website, which allows a user to make their archives of the site they select and store it in a cloud. Still gives you a separate screenshot according to your request and further you can download it or share it. You can add multiple URLs per account in a given time. It will capture the screenshots every day at the same time provided by you. Further, you may group it according to the domain category at which they belong. It allows the user to specify the server from where the screenshots have been taken. It has a smooth interface that allows the user to create their API tokens. Stillio.com is the decentralized version of the screenshot.com. They allow using the information that the website performs in a search engine along with the services of brand management.


Blitapp.com is another simple website and very similar to Stillio. It also works on periodical screenshots according to the time given by the user. Moreover, it can send screenshots taken to more than one person at a time and also provides a fully searchable interface with the time-slots and thumbnails. As a guest, Blit provides you with only three trial options for one week. If you opt to go further and the subscribe, it is divided by the number of screenshots that you’ll take. The subscription of Blit depends on the number of screenshots you want and accordingly, they offer.

5Fagan Finder

Fagan Finder is one of the most popular and frequent used tools for the search on the internet. It is a search engine that includes over more than 100 tools, some of which are used for search and archive of web pages. You can find the tools on the URL page info. When you search through URL bar info, the entire history and information available can be found there. It also finds the cached data from GigaBlast, Search, Spurl, open search. The incredible thing is that you can track the IP addresses visiting the URL, SEO history, and other user statistics for the user web page link.


Archive-it is a subscription-based public service focused archiving service that preserves an archive of digital content. It is available for all public users and is mainly used to archive digital content. If compared to stillio, it does not work on web pages, screenshots, and source code. It is an international organization. Your content will be archived when you become a partner with them. Archive-it is affiliated with the Internet Archive with 400 organizations as its partner which includes universities, news channel, art libraries, public libraries, museums, and historical societies.


Webcite is a part of the International Internet Prevention Consortium. It provides you an on-demand archiving service for news sources and scientific journals, also the content of the citation if they are removed or unavailable. 

Webcite enhanced link can be created by using the services which include both links, one of the original materials, and the other one is archived version. A regular citation link consists of an archived link.

Webcite though, for now, is not accepting any of the on-demand requests for archive web pages. 

Currently WebSite is not accepting any new archiving requests, they should resume it soon


iTools are much popular as compared to the way back machine alternative. This web archive tool provides you the complete information that can be of any website which is available for free. Some of the additional data that we found are contact information, website popularity, traffic analysis, usage, popularity, mailing address, related sites, and much more. This tool is free and doesn’t require any account for seeing the old stat of any website. The information provided by iTools is in percentage, which makes it easy to analyze according to the needs. The archive tool is not available on the home page of the iTools. To access it, you first have to open the internet tab and then head over to the websites tab where you can search for the best.

So, these were some of the best Wayback Machine Alternatives, which will help you in seeing the history and statistics of any website. I hope the guide helped you and answered all your questions about the best alternatives.

For the Digital Marketers

Well, if you are a digital or internet marketer, you should be using a Perfect Wayback machine essential for your business. It not only helps the business but also keeps the required factors in mind. It will help you a lot as sometimes Wayback machines can be very beneficial in finding the correct data. The above-mentioned Wayback machine alternatives can help you out in your decision making and further at work. You can learn the importance and usage of it. If you still have any doubt with the usage or need to understand, you may leave your comments, and we will get back to you.

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