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98 Useful Computer Shortcut Keys you must know 

98 Useful Computer Shortcut Keys you must know

If you believe in Smart work than Hard work, then this article is for you. Computer has been an essential part of our daily life as most of the world is Digital now, and major works rely on it, whether it be an office or home. While everyone knows how to operate a computer, only a few know the useful computer shortcut keys that can make your work more efficient & straightforward. We often look for these useful shortcut keys that can reduce our work strain and increase our productivity, but lack of knowledge increases our efforts. So, if you also want to save your time, you can save these useful computer shortcut keys for the future.

These shortcut keys are useful in many of our daily used programs & applications like Microsoft Office. Here we have categorized them for better understanding. 

Control Keys- Useful Computer Shortcut Keys
Control Keys- Useful Computer Shortcut Keys

General & Most Used Computer Shortcut Keys:

  1. Ctrl + A – Use to Select all text
  2. Ctrl + C – Use to Copy the selected content
  3. Ctrl + N – To Open a new page/tab
  4. Ctrl + V – To Paste the selected content
  5. Ctrl + W – To Close the Windows Explorer or browser
  6. Ctrl + X – To Cut the selected content
  7. Ctrl + Z – To Undo the last action
  8. Ctrl + Y – To Redo the last action
  9. Ctrl – To drag/copy the selected item
  10. Ctrl + Shift – To create a shortcut of a selected item by dragging it
  11. Ctrl + Shift +Esc – To Open the Task Manager
  12. Ctrl + Shift+ Arrow Key- To highlight or Select a particular text block
  13. Ctrl + Esc – To Display the Start menu
  14. Ctrl + F4 – To Close the active document 
  15. Ctrl + Click on Underlined Link – Opens the link in the browser
  16. ALT + D– To Select the address bar
  17. Alt + Enter – To View the properties for the selected item
  18. Alt + F4 – To Close the recent item/Program
  19. Alt + Spacebar – To Open the shortcut menu of the active window
  20. Alt + Tab – To Switch between the tabs
  21. Alt + Esc – Cycle through tabs in the order they opened
  22. Shift + Any Arrow Key- To Select more than one item in a window or on the desktop, or select text in a document.
  23. Shift + F10 – To Display the shortcut menu for the selected item 
  24. Delete – To Delete the content
  25. Shift + Delete – To Delete a particular item permanently including from the Recycle Bin as well
  26. Right arrow – Open the submenu/next menu to the right
  27. Left arrow – Close the submenu/next menu to the left
  28. Backspace – To push the cursor one position backward
  29. Esc – Cancel the current task
  30. PgUp – Move up one page at a time
  31. PgDn (Page Down) – To Move down a page
  32. Home – To Move to the starting of the content/document
  33. End – To Move to the end of the content/document
  34. Ctrl + Home – To access the first character
  35. Ctrl + End – To access the last character

Computer Function Shortcut Keys:

  1. F1 key – To Display Help
  2. F2 key – To Rename a particular item
  3. F3 key – Use to Search for a file/folder
  4. F4 key – Display the Address bar in My Computer
  5. F5 key – To Refresh the recent tab/window
  6. F6 key – Cycle through the screen elements in a window or on the desktop
  7. F7 key – To access spell check and grammar check in MS Word document, Outlook, etc
  8. F8 key  – To access Windows Safe mode/Start Menu
  9. F9 key – To refresh a document
  10. F10 key – To start the menu bar in the recent program/document/tab
  11. F11 key – To Minimize or Maximize the active window
  12. F12 key – To open the Save As Option

Windows Shortcut Keys:

  1. Win – To Display or hide the Start screen
  2. Win + B– To Set focus in the notification area
  3. Win + D – To Show or hide the desktop
  4. Win + E – To Open File Explorer
  5. Win + H – To Open the Dictation Option
  6. Win + I – Open the Settings
  7. Win + K – Open the sidebar
  8. Win + L – Lock your computer
  9. Win + M – Minimize all windows
  10. Win + R – Open the Run Window
  11. Win + S – Open Search Bar
  12. Win + T – To scroll programs on the taskbar
  13. Win + X – Open the hidden menu
  14. Win + F1 – To access Microsoft Windows Help Center
  15. Win + left arrow/ Win + right arrow – Move selected tab/window to the right or left depends upon the arrow you choose
  16. Win + Tab – Open the Task view
  17. Win + PrtSc – To take a screenshot of the current screen.
  18. Win + Ctrl + Left Arrow/ Right arrow – To switch between the screens of virtual desktop 
  19. Win + Ctrl + D – To Add a new virtual desktop
  20. Win + Enter – To Open Narrator
  21. Win + +/- – To Zoom in or out a particular item
  22. Win + Esc – Exit Magnifier

Useful Computer Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Word:

  1. Ctrl +B – To bold the text
  2. Ctrl + D – To Display the Font dialogue box
  3. Ctrl + F – To access Find Dialog Box to search a particular item
  4. Ctrl + H – To access the Replace dialogue box
  5. Ctrl + I – To Italicize the selected text
  6. Ctrl + K – To Create a hyperlink
  7. Ctrl + N – To Create a new document
  8. Ctrl + O – To Open a new document
  9. Ctrl + P – To give print command
  10. Ctrl + S – To save a document
  11. Ctrl + U – To underline the selected text
  12. Ctrl + Right arrow – To move the cursor to the starting of the next word
  13. Ctrl + Left arrow – To move the cursor to the starting of the previous word
  14. Ctrl + Down arrow –To move the cursor to the starting of the next paragraph
  15. Ctrl + Up arrow – To move the cursor to the starting of the previous paragraph

Useful Computer Shortcut Keys for Google Chrome:

If you actively use Google Chrome for your work and are not aware that there are useful computer shortcut keys for Google Chrome as well, here you can learn about them:

  1. Ctrl + E – To access the Search bar
  2. Ctrl + F – To Start the Find option
  3. Ctrl + H – To Open the History bar
  4. Ctrl + L – To Move your cursor on URL
  5. Ctrl + N – To open New Window
  6. Ctrl + O – To Open the Open dialog box (Google Chrome)
  7. Ctrl + P – To access the Print dialog box
  8. Ctrl + R – To refresh the current browser/tab
  9. Ctrl + T – To open the New Tab
  10. Ctrl + Shift + T – Reopen the recently closed tabs
  11. Ctrl + Shift + I – Open the Developer Tools /Inspect element window (Google Chrome)
  12. Ctrl + Tab or Ctrl + PgDn – Jump to the next open tab
  13. Ctrl + Shift + Tab or Ctrl + PgUp – Jump to the previous open tab
  14. Ctrl + Shift + N – Open a new window in Incognito mode

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