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Everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile Latest Update in Miramar Dessert


Players Unknown’s Battle Ground, aka PUBG, is one of the leading & addictive mobile game, and it has one of the largest gaming community in India. The game is so addictive that it instantly gained popularity in India just after its launch. There might be someone who hasn’t heard about PUBG. PUBG mobile recently released its updated version of 0.18.0 with some significant additions and changes to make it more exciting and challenging for PUBG players.

If you are also PUBG lover and don’t know about PUBG mobile latest update in Miramar Dessert, we are going to discuss it today.

1) The Ruins in PUBG latest update

The Ruins in PUBG latest update

The Miramar map gets The Ruins as another area for players to get down. The Ruins, transcending, and complex are situated towards the northwest of the guide. This new area gives players another spot for plunder and investigate.

“Who knows when they were first built? The last time players were here, it was still only a desert. A few people say that the solid breezes lifted the sands of Miramar to uncover this spot,” as per the PUBG Mobile group.

2) PUBG latest Racetrack

PUBG latest Racetrack in 0.18.0 update
PUBG latest Racetrack in 0.18.0 update

Yes, you read that, right! PUBG 0.18.0 added a new Racetrack to make the game enjoyable. The all-new update includes a circuit in the Miramar map, which players can investigate for driving fun during the game. Outstandingly, the course goes through the entire guide and is ideal for motorheads.

“There are, in every case, a few adrenaline junkies who need to fly, and this venture is their perfect work of art. You can’t state that driving in Miramar is exhausting after attempting this all-new track,” the group includes the most recent update.

3) Golden Mirado in PUBG

Golden Mirado in PUBG latest update
Golden Mirado in PUBG latest update

Extra Vehicle is always pleasurable in PUBG. Isn’t it? The revived Miramar update likewise carries another vehicle to the interactivity – the Golden Mirado. Be that as it may, a few players may get frustrated as there’s just a single Golden Mirado in the whole game.

4) New weapon in PUBG latest Update

win94 pubg latest rifle
Win94 PUBG latest rifle

Miramar map likewise gets the all-new Win94 that accompanies a 2.7x Scope pre-prepared and just brings forth in Miramar. This is a medium-run Sniper Rifle (Lever Action) and is useful for medium, and long-go assaults bargain severe harm and no scope. It is one of the quickest jolt activity rifleman rifles out there in the game, says the PUBG Mobile group.

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5) K/D Ratio in PUBG latest update:

New KD Ratio in PUBG latest update
KD Ratio in PUBG latest update

The K/D or Kill to Death proportion has likewise seen an update. With the appearance of Season 13, the game designers have acquainted another path with ascertaining the K/D proportion. The purpose behind this change is to carry a legitimate equalization to the game and remove specific points of interest from players.

Previously, players could push their K/D by just enduring and outdoors as the K/D was determined by taking the proportion of the absolute number of executes and all outnumber of passings. Mainly the equation was:

K/D Ratio = (Total Kills)/(Total Deaths)

This way, one could expand their K/D proportion regardless of whether they didn’t get a great deal of slaughters, by simply getting by all through the match. What’s more, frankly, endurance has been a piece of fight royale games.

How to Calculate K/D ratio after PUBG mobile latest update in Miramar Dessert?

With the new Season 13 in any case, things have changed as another K/D framework has been actualized. The K/D proportion figuring is currently done based on the all outnumber of slaughters in each match. For example, your K/D proportion is 6, and you dominate a game with four murders. For this situation, your K/D proportion will diminish, as you got less executes contrasted with the current K/D. To keep up a ratio of 6, you have to do 6 or more murders. So now, the new K/D formula resembles this:

Updated K/D Ratio = (Total Kills)/(Total Matches Played)

6) Vending machine in PUBG

PUBG new vending machine
PUBG new vending machine

PUBG mobile latest update in Miramar Dessert additionally brings another Vending machine. Players can get Energy Drinks or Painkillers from the Vending machines spread around the guide. A few players may even be sufficiently fortunate to get eight beverages one after another!

All these significant changes in recent PUBG mobile updates are exciting and challenging. We are sure that players will love PUBG even more after the latest update. Have you tried all these changes? If yes, then share your experience with us, and if you haven’t tried them yet, what are you waiting for? Play and share it with your friends.

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