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Welcome PUBG players, no matter whether you’re a noob or a Pro at PUBG, it is all about dedicating yourself with the game. It is a platform where you can play with all your heart and soul. This piece of article is going to help you and guide you to bring your PUBG mobile on PC.

At the very moment, everyone is aware of the game Player Unknown Battle Grounds or shortly called PUBG, and most of the teenagers and kids are even into it. To be precise, it is one of the widely played games through mobile. It was introduced by Tencent games which are owned by China. This Multiplayer game is all about shooting and surviving until the end of the game. The PUBG Corporation released it, and its spread was very viral. 

Are you a person with loads of work each day and trying to find a relaxing time? PUBG keeps the players engaged and involved in the game, and it helps to reduce work pressure and stress. It lets you stay away from your daily chores for a while and makes you feel light and relaxed. 

There are some PUBG Tips and Tricks you may want to have a look at.

You would have seen people playing this game at public places which is a common sight nowadays. PUBG is worldwide famous, and people get involved with this game irrespective of their age. Any people who love fun gaming goes for this right away.  While you go ahead and learn about how to play PUBG mobile on PC, you may also check the new PUBG updates we shared.

PUBG Mobile and the Gameplay:


In the recent days everybody knows about PUBG, and it shows how much of popularity this game has gained amongst the people. PUBG was launched on 23rd of March 2017, and in India, it was launched on 19th of March 2018. And it reached people quickly and soon taking part in their daily life. Millions of players are joining the game each day. 

The advantage of this game is that four players can match together as a group, and there is a speaker and mike facility, which allows them to communicate with each other and perform well. They can also chat while playing, which helps them to indicate and kill the enemies. Even when one player is knocked down, there is a chance to bring back the player by the teammates into the game by the revive option. 

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This game includes a variety of controls and tasks that has to be managed while playing. The player has to travel to the marked area with his teammates and has to land using the parachute immediately as an urge to collect and search for weapons to attack the enemies. To protect themselves, they have to collect helmets and armours. The killing rate and surviving rate are also counted through this game which makes the players pass through various tiers and finally reaches Ace and then Conqueror.  

Playing through the mobile on a touchscreen becomes a hectic task as there is a significant usage of thumbs which involves a few setbacks in the view of the gameplay.

Shifting from mobile to PC:

PUBG Mobile on PC Easy

Due to the inconvenience faced by playing though mobile, players started to sort it out by finding an alternative way to play PUBG, which is to play PUBG on PC. Players used Bluestack and also Nox player which are android emulators for PC. Playing PUBG mobile on PC with the controls on the keyboard as well as the mouse was quite productive but yet there were no solutions to get rid of the glitches from the alternatives.

To avoid all these unwanted circumstances, Tencent Gaming Buddy, which is the emulator officially launched by the Tencent games. The PUBG mobile can be optimized on your PC by using the AOW engine. The keyboard and mouse of the PC are detected automatically by the gaming buddy. The emulator is created in such a way it utilizes the resources on the PC. There is smooth gaming and lag-free gaming while this emulator is being used. 

Steps to install PUBG mobile on PC:

  • Visit Game Loop – Open this link using your PC
  • Download using the download button and wait until it completes
  • Install the downloaded stuff on your PC by running the installer
  • Click the START button upon the completion of installation.
  • The Gaming buddy automatically downloads the game.
  • You can start playing once the download is completed

Hope this would have helped you procure with the appropriate information and guidelines to have a good time by playing it over PC. There are pros and cons in everything that we do, therefore play it wise and effectively make use of it and bring the best out of you. Playing PUBG Mobile on PC reduces eye-strain and less usage of thumbs, this is quite a satisfying news. Anyways too much of something is good for nothing! Play limited, play safe!

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