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List of 9 Best Offline Android Games 2020- No Wifi Required

List of 9 Best Offline Android Games 2020

Games have become an essential part of our smartphones. No matter how busy we are, we need some time to play our favorite games to relax our minds. While there are thousands of games available on google play store based on your interest, most of them are online android games, and you need a continuous net/wifi connection to play them. But it is not possible to have an internet connection at every place & that is why we look for such games which can be played without internet & must be ad-free. Here is the list of best offline android games 2020, which you can download from google play and enjoy without the internet, based on your interest.

According to various interests, we have divided these 9 best offline android games 2020 into multiple categories. You can choose according to your interest.

Best Offline Android Racing Games 2020:

Racing is one of the famous and favorite categories of gamers, especially boys. If you are the one who loves racing games, here is the list of top android racing games 2020 for you:

1) Asphalt 9- Free, In-app Products

Asphalt 9- Free Android Game
Asphalt 9- Free Android Game

Asphalt 9 is one of the best gaming games available on Google Play Store, and it needs 1.9 GB space on your smartphone. It is the latest version of popular Asphalt racing game, with some latest & exciting features. With excellent graphics & thrillful challenges, this game offers you an excellent experience, and you can enjoy it anytime without the internet.

Features of Asphalt 9:

  • Real-life console experience with meticulously detailed dream cars like Ferrari, Porsche, etc.
  • Amazing 50+ World’s Best Speed Machines are available to push your vehicle miles beyond their limits.
  • 360 Degree turn by using double tab & latest TouchDrive racing control.
  • 60 Seasons, 800 Events & 7 rival players to compete.

Availability: Get it from here.

2) Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally 3- Free Android Game

If you are the one, who loves car racing challenges and looking for a game that you can play with your friends as well (multiplayer), then Rush Rally 3 is the best racing game for you. With lots of Car Races, this game provides you a real-life experience. You can choose & customize your car, you can race your car in dirt and gravel to reach the final point & win. Just like in real life, your virtual car will also damage if you drive rashly. With stunning graphics and thrilling challenges, this game gives you the best experience and allows you to operate it as a multiplayer in career mode.

Features of Rush Rally 3:

  • 72+ stages are available with different surfaces like Dirt, Gravel, etc.
  • Can play individually or with your friends as multiplayer in offline & career mode
  • Can upgrade & customize your cars to build new features.

Availability: Get it from here.

3) Hill Climb Racing- Free, In-App Purchases

Hill Climb Racing game

If you used to play Mario in your childhood, then you will definitely love this game. This entertaining game is based on the fundamentals of )physics and revolves around a gamer named Bill. With different places & challenges, you have to make Bill win every challenge. After conquering some levels, you can choose to upgrade your vehicle and many coins as well. Using some daring tips & tricks, you can win each challenge & the game is very addictive.

Features of Hill Climb Racing:

  • More than 29+ vehicles available to choose & play
  • Customize & Drive your dream car using Garage Mode
  • 28+ thrilling stages are available to unlock
  • Can play offline & works both on high & low-resolution devices

Availability: Get it from here

4) Traffic Rider- Free, In-app Purchases

Traffic Rider- Free Android Racing Game
Traffic Rider- Free Android Racing Game

If the bikes thrill you, Traffic Rider is the real masterpiece for you. With a full-career mode, this game gives a whole new perspective to Bike Racing games. You can choose your favorite bike to ride on endless highways by overtaking the other vehicles. It is made from a first-person view perspective with stunning graphics to give you a real-life experience.

Features of Traffic Rider:

  • 29+ motorbikes to choose & ride
  • Real motor sounds recorded from real bikes to give a real-life experience
  • Career Mode with 70+ missions to accomplish
  • Day & night environment, available in 19 languages & can be played offline.

Availability: Get it from here

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Best Offline Android Action & Fun Games 2020:

It includes some action games and some light, fun games which anyone can play easily and offline. These are some of the best & most played offline games available on Google Play Store.

1) World Cricket Championship 2- Free, In-App Purchases

World Cricket Championship 2 Game
World Cricket Championship 2 Game

For all the Cricket Lovers, World Cricket Championship 2 is the most advanced 3D cricket game. The game offers you the maximum number of cricket shots, including some famous ones like the Upper Cut, Helicopter Shot, etc. You can also customize your players, banners, etc. with some great venues, camera angles, and game controllers.

Features of World Cricket Championship 2:

  • Can play both online & offline as multiplayer
  • Various Tournaments, 18 International Teams, 150+ batting animations & 28 bowling actions
  • You can challenge your friends using Challenge a friend mode.
  • Two different batting controls- Classic & Pro. Players’ attribute feature is also available.

Availability: Get it from here

2) Alto’s Odyssey- Free, In-App Purchases

Alto's odyssey- free offline android game
Alto’s odyssey- free offline android game

Best Runner Game available on Google Play that lets you discover the endless desert, filled with lots of surprises & challenges. Join Alto & his friends on this endless journey and help them in discovering the secrets & hidden treasures of this desert. The journey is not simple, and you will find many hurdles like hot air balloons, ride towering rock walls, and much more to cross and reach your destination.

Features of Alto’s Odyssey:

  • Wide landscape to explore- From Canyons to the Dunes to the temples.
  • Wonderful weathering effects with some hidden secrets in hot air balloons, wall ridings, etc.
  • Zen Mode & Photo Mode is available

Availability: Get it from here

3) Dino T-Rex Chrome Game- Free, In-App Purchases

Dino T-Rex Chrome Game
Dino T-Rex Chrome Game

Dino T-Rex Chrome Game is One of the trending & addictive yet straightforward games you can play offline. It is a replica of the hidden game from Chrome offline mode, and you can start the game by pressing the space button. Then use arrows to jump down and sideways. Run, Dino Run!

Features of Dino T-Rex:

  • Super Fun
  • Very Simple to play & addictive
  • Can play offline

Availability: Get it from here

4) Doodle Jump- Free, In-App Purchases

Doodle Jump- Addictive Android Game
Doodle Jump- Addictive Android Game

Doodle Jump is the insanely addictive offline android game available on Google Play Store. According to Touch arcade, “Doodle Jump is possibly the best (mobile) game ever created.” The journey starts on a sheet of paper, and then it depends on how high you can jump and get by picking up jet packs & avoiding hurdles.

Features of Doodle Jump:

  • Multiple Fantastical Worlds like Ninja Space, Jungle Soccer, Halloween, Frozen Ice, etc. to play in.
  • Awesome Power-ups like Jet Packs, Propeller Hats, trampolines, etc. to pick up.
  • More than 100 missions to accomplish with trippy obstacles like UFOs & Black holes.

Availability: Get it from here

5) Candy Crush Saga- Free, In-App Purchases

Candy Crush Saga- Top Android Game
Candy Crush Saga- Top Android Game

Candy Crush Saga is a popular & sweetest android puzzle game. With lots of sweet candies, solve all the easy & hard puzzles by matching the same color candies and creating some power candies. Upon completion of each level, you will get some sweet rewards that will help you to the next level.

Features of Candy Crush Saga:

  • Super addictive & can be played offline as well.
  • Spin the daily booster, Participate in the tournaments & win levels to get sweet rewards.
  • Multiple Sugar-coated Challenges are available with unlimited levels.

Availability: Get it from here

Wrapping Up!
So, this was all. These are the best offline android games in 2020 that you can play without internet/wifi connection. Try these games & share your experience with us in comments. Keep reading, Keep exploring!

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