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8 Sure Shot Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

Best Tricks To get more Twitter followers

Hello Everyone, I am Swaraj Nandedkar from Tech Guru Swaraj. This is my First guest post on Technoratan. Thanks to Gautam Sehgal, the Admin of Technoratan for giving me this opportunity to share my views here. I am going to share my sure shot ways by which you can get more twitter followers easily.

The internet is meant to share knowledge, get knowledge, connect with rest of the world and make new relationships with others. It helps us to communicate with others. Twitter is one of the most famous mediums to connect and interact with others. On Twitter, it is not so difficult to stand out from the crowd and get the attention of peoples and increase your fan following.

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It is easy to become famous on Twitter, only if you follow some rules. Not precisely rules, but Techniques to attract followers. Here I am going to share some techniques to increase and get more twitter followers and fan following easily. Are you ready? So let’s do it!

Techniques To Get More Twitter Followers

1 – Post Frequently:-

While surfing twitter, you’ll find some cool guys, knowledge gurus, comedians, politicians, etc. While seeing them, you might think, how they got more twitter followers? The answer is easy! They serve their fans, entertain them, help them and moreover, they post frequently.

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Frequent posting is core technique to get more twitter followers. If you post frequently, there are more chances you’ll get noticed by others, and they may follow you. If you tweet regularly for about 25 tweets daily, you can gain 2-5 followers daily. Not a joke. These are the statistics. As simple as that!

2 – Create valuable content:-

Best Tricks To get more Twitter followersIf you want to become famous, you need to create your content. Your thoughts about your niche, you are expert at, latest news, one-liner jokes, whatever it may be doesn’t matter. You need to create original content and tweet it. People on twitter love creativity and originality. So, try to post unique tweets.

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3 – Comment on Other’s tweets:-

Commenting on other people’s tweets and news tweets help you to create an excellent impression among other tweeters. It helps to inject your voice into these conversations.

You just have to select a conversation about which you know everything and can share something valuable. If you are a Blogger, try to get into blogging related conversation, this is a technique which is a great way to meet with some cool tweets, discussing with them and they may follow you! Great!

4 – Re-tweet relevant content:-

So, you are getting some good number of followers? Head towards this next step.

Re-tweet some helpful and interesting content with your followers. This is a sure-shot way to get noticed by others. If you re-tweet famous brand’s tweets, other people who are connected with that name can find you through the hashtags used by them.

This also helps your followers to gain updated knowledge and to know about latest ongoing on Twitter.

5 – Join Twitter Directories:-

Aha! Twitter directories can help you to get more twitter followers for free of cost! I am telling the truth! You can get lots of twitter followers free if you list your twitter handles with them. This technique is effortless as hell! I tried and tested this method that’s why I am sharing this with you!

So, you might be thinking what the Twitter directories are?

Twitter directories are the websites where Twitter users are allowed to add their Twitter Handles for free under a category you select. People interested in your category may find you easily with the tags you provide at the time of registration. Also, Twitter directories are the best on to see some new buddies in your niche. It offers you the loyal twitter followers who are not the Bots. JustRetweet is one of the famous Twitter directories I’ve gone through.

6 – Promoted Tweets:-

Twitter is capable of creating buzz about a particular event, controversy or any other thing. So, Why not to take benefit of it?

All of you twitter users have seen Promoted tweets and accounts before. And they just have lots of followers, lots of Re-Tweets and lots of engagement. Why? Of course, because they promoted themselves for achieving this.

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Twitter is the medium of conversations. If we promote our tweets, they get displayed at the top of the Twitter home. You can get more twitter followers by helping your tweets. Doing this, you own the conversation, steer it as you want, and most importantly, You get attention from interested peoples as well.

7 – Effective Bio:-

Writing a compelling bio helps to attract followers to your profile. Bio is the description about yourself which is displayed on your twitter profile. It is also an excellent place to add our blog/website address.

You have to write attractive bio which describes you perfectly. Your bio must explain two things.

  • Who are you?
  • What are you Tweeting about?

Try to be more creative while writing because its limit is just 160 characters. If you cannot write it on your own, try to get a hint from other famous persons. Just Take a look at SEO King Neil Patel’s bio. It is written as ” I’m a Kinda Big Deal.” It is short but descriptive also. Try to make it quick and simple.

8 – Promote your Twitter handle:-

If you are connected well to other social networks and communities, try to use them and promote your grip there. If you have a Facebook fan page or Facebook profile, tell your followers and your friends that you are on twitter.

  • If you have Google page and LinkedIn profile, use them. Add your Twitter profile to those accounts. Do you have a blog? If yes, then use Follow me on the Twitter widget. If not, start a blog today to increase social appearance.
  • Use your twitter profile link as a signature in your Gmail account.
  • Try to use every other network to increase and get more twitter followers.

So, Content, Engagement, and promotion are the three gems by which you can get more Twitter followers. If you provide value to your current followers and what they want, you are attracting your potential followers easily. Well, I will end up my piece of advice here and thank you for reading this post.

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  1. Hi Swaraj,

    Nice to meet u again here………!!!

    Nowadays Social media is very dominant medium of online advertising; specially Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

    The 8 points you shared about increasing Twitter followers are very applicable and useful to growth of user engagement.

    Specifically your 4th point i.e. re-tweet on relevant content is surely precise to gain more followers.

    Thanks for share this informative article with kingged community…….!!!

  2. Hello Swaraj, I have never really heard of Twitter directories before, this site you shared Just Retweet looks intersting I will loook you up after I sign up. Love this tip.

    I also agree with all your tips,, Great Share.. Chery :))

    P.S I landed on your blog here today VIA Kingged..

    • Thank You so much Chery Schmidt for reading and finding this article worth. And yes, I’ve been using Just Retweet since long, and it has given amazing response so far.

  3. Hey Gautam Bro,

    Nice post dear, Actually i have very few followers on twitter. So, i’m trying to be active there so now i am daily checking that getting 1-4 followers daily but due to unfollowers i’m losting my no. of followers.
    but no problem it will become one day they will be more active followers because all are genuine.

    Thanks for sharing this trick 🙂

    • Hello Siddharth, It was good to hear from you. Twitter is indeed very powerful and these tips can really help you increase Twitter followers. Stay active on Twitter and I am sure it will boost your Social presence as well

      Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    I have one question – I am having 2K followers on my previous blog’s twitter account and I have moved to new blog. Should I rename previous account or start from scratch for new blog?

    • It Purely depends on you, if you can manage to create a new twitter handle and build a great appearance like the other one, you may start a new from scratch. Otherwise I would suggest you to change the old Twitter handle into a new one and continue with the old one.

  5. Yes, always try new techniques, no matter if are able to get result from it, every time you learn something that others don’t. You should definitely try these tricks to increase twitter followers.

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