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Best Twitter Fleets Engagement Ideas to grow your business account

Best Twitter Fleets Engagement Ideas & Tips

Talking about the powerful social media platforms, we cannot ignore twitter to market & brand our organization/product. With increasing popularity, Twitter has become one of the most powerful social media platforms, and that is why it is important to grow your brand organically on Twitter. But Twitter works differently than other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, and it has recently launched a twitter fleets feature on its platform. Today, we will learn what this feature is all about and some best twitter fleets engagement ideas that might help grow your profile/brand online.

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What are Twitter Fleets?

Latest Twitter Fleets Feature

Twitter Fleets are basically Fleeting Tweets, or you can say story feature on twitter. After getting a huge response on Instagram and Facebook’s story feature, Twitter has finally launched the story feature on its platform with the name fleets. However, the fleet feature is not exactly the same as the Instagram/Facebook story feature, yet worth trying.

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How do Twitter Fleets work?

Twitter Fleets allow its users to share “fleeting thoughts” in the form of video, images, text, or GIF under 280 characters. Like Instagram & Facebook stories, Twitter Fleets lasts for 24 hours and is visible to all your followers.

But users cannot retweet, like or publicly comment on twitter fleets. If someone likes your fleet, they can send you emoji/message in the inbox only.

For Indian Users, twitter fleets are only available in the mobile app, and you can see that feature at the top of your profile. To update a fleet, you need to click on the small icon with the “+” sign.

How to update twitter fleets

Many times, we want to write our heart out but gets afraid because it would be permanent on social media or we want to share a special moment but for a limited time only. For all such purposes, twitter has launched twitter fleets, and it is expected that more people will now use the platform to express their thoughts.

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How can Twitter Fleets help a brand to gain more followers, engagement, and reach?

While it is challenging to reach more audiences with tweets, twitter fleets can be useful in that. Unlike tweets, twitter fleets can be visible by more people, because of the following reasons:

  • Fleets are of short duration and quickly provide information in seconds.
  • People access stories more than regular posts due to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).
  • Unlike tweets, fleets can be more interesting & engaging as people can do lots of creativity there.
  • Lasts only for hours, so people keep checking it for new and trending content.

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Some Best Twitter Fleets Engagement Ideas to grow your brand online organically

Getting likes, retweets, or comments on your tweets is a tough job but necessary to keep your brand in highlights. Using twitter fleets, you can increase your reach, engagement, and followers if appropriately used. Here are some best twitter fleets engagement ideas to grow your account online:

  • Create Fleets on Trending Topics by associating it with your brand to gain more attention & engagement.
  • Use Hashtags in Twitter Fleets to help you reach a broad audience who might be following that hashtag.
  • The more creative your twitter fleet will be, the more engagement it will derive, and ultimately you will gain some relevant followers who will be interested in your content.

Twitter Fleets Engagement Ideas

  • Try to make your twitter fleets more catchy using GIFs, videos & images. Images, videos, and GIFs get more response & attention than plain text. By using these elements, you can make twitter fleets speak for your products/brand/content.
  • Take ideas from other people’s fleets & engage with them as it will help in the growth of your account.
  • Twitter fleets can be an excellent way to showcase your Influencer campaigns, product reviews, achievements, and a lot more by using your creativity.
  • Use Polls, Q&A, AMA, etc. in twitter fleets to engage with your followers.

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How to grow followers, engagement, and reach on your twitter account?

Apart from twitter fleets, you can use some other simple tips & tricks to increase your followers & reach on Twitter. Here are some proved Twitter Engagement tricks to boost your engagement:

1. Use Twitter Polls to Engage With Your Followers

Polls are a great way to engage with your followers. Make them interesting by posting some relevant & trending topics related to your brand and audience.

How to use Twitter Polls to boost engagement

2. Use Images, GIFs & Videos in your Tweets for better engagement

Buffer shows that tweets with images/gif/videos get 150% more engagement (retweets, likes, comments) than simple text tweets. Try to engage with your followers using videos, gifs, or images.

3. Follow back your followers & engage with their content

Engaging with your followers is also very important, apart from creating engaging content. Follow back those who are following you. Like & comment on your followers’ tweets so they can build a connection with you.

4. Engage in Twitter Chats to promote your account/brand

There are plenty of topics related to your brand or product where you can participate and engage with relevant people to promote your brand. Make sure the comments you make must be related & natural and doesn’t look like spam. 

5. Use Relevant Hashtags to Boost your Twitter Engagement

Like Instagram, hashtags work excellently on twitter if appropriately used. Using the “#Explore” option, you can find the trending hashtags & topics. Try to link them properly with your content to stand out.

6. Follow Relevant accounts on Twitter to increase the visibility of your profile

The most important thing to do after making a twitter account is to follow people/accounts related to your niche. By doing this, your profile can be visible to those who are already following such accounts, and they might follow you as well.

7. Properly optimize your Twitter profile

Use a creative cover pic and profile picture that speaks for your brand to upload on your twitter account. Always use your brand’s logo as your profile picture to make it professional. Add your website, proper bio about the services/products you offer, and other necessary details.

8. Retweet other people’s tweets & content

Retweet the relevant content related to your account to gain the attention of other users. It will increase your visibility and followers.

9. Find the best hours to post your content using Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics tool to boost engagement

Twitter analytics is a powerful tool that lets you know which content is performing well and which is not. It also tells you at what time and days your content is getting more engagement. You can analyze the best hours according to your profile and use it to post your content for better reach & engagement.

10. Use Twitter Ads to get High CTR & engagement

If you have some compelling content that can be really useful for your brand, try to promote it on twitter using twitter ads. It will give you more engagement & followers.

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So, these were some best Twitter Fleets engagement ideas and tricks to boost your account organically. We will recommend you to try these tips and share your experience with us. Also, let us know which topic would you like to learn next in the comment section. Keep learning, and keep sharing!

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  1. Hello,
    Thanks for this useful tips.. I have a concern about point 6, please clear my doubts. Is it a good idea to do follow strategy? I mean won’t they ban us like instagram?

    • Hi Renu, its good to know you found the tips helpful.
      Regarding your concern about point 6, overdoing anything can be harmful. Ensure you are following the right people and accounts and show some engagement which is real.
      All the social media platforms want real and engaging users and If you are one of them, they’ll never ban your account.
      Hope this helps!

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