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Xperia Z2 – Sony Xperia Z Review

Sony Xperia Z2 Review

Reviewing the Sony Xperia Z2

Sony is slowly going up the ladder in the smartphone market because of their recent products which have worked well within the price brands. The firm has shared ups and downs through the years, and some of its models did catch onto the public but none of the models stuck on. In India, Samsung is the one that rules the Android market and Sony is simply taking baby steps with its distinct software and hardware.

Even though the Xperia Z2 is better than its predecessors the Z1 and the Z, there is nothing which stands out enough for the company to boast of. The Galaxy S5 by Samsung has heart related accessories such as a monitor for the heart rate while HTC has a system of dial camera for its One M8 phone. The Xperia Z2 has been slotted in this price bracket and it would have to compete with them.

Sony Xperia Z2 – Feel and Look

There is nothing much visually to differentiate between the Xperia Z2 and the predecessor phones. It is the same size as the Z1, with the difference of some millimeters give or take. However, the phone is lighter. There are 3 colors to choose from- black, white and purple. The phone still has a rectangular shape with rounded edges, much like glass with chiseled edges.



The camera provided at the back is 20.7 MP and has a ring in silver color around it. It is placed on the upper left back panel and has an LED flash alongside it. The regulatory messages are hidden under the retractable tab located below the microSD card the back of the camera has 3 logos- a Sony logo, NFC logo and Xperia logo. The back and front are very reflective and can get smudged by fingerprints quickly.

Sony Xperia Z2 Review

Xperia Z2 feels solid in the hand and is quite chunky. It might not be the most comfortable to hold onto as the edges along the glass and metal fusion feel a little rough. However, it is imposing and solid but not loud. What Sony has pulled off is quite appreciable as the design is slightly more refined without feeling too old school.

Specifications and Features

From the trends, it seems that a flagship phone cannot be launched without a Snapdragon 801 processor or something similar in 2014. Sony has not deviated from this trend although Xperia Z2 is a little slower than the HTC One M8, as the Sony clocks 2.3 GHz whereas the M8 clocks 2.5 GHz. However, it has a RAM of 3GB which is better than the 2GB used in HTC.


The built in storage provided Xperia Z2 is 16GB which can be expanded up to 128GB. MicroSD cards of such capacity are not easily available in the market and are quite expensive. However, when they become more popular in future, then the Sony phone would be able to support it. Connectivity options include NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi b/g/n/ac. Infrared remote controlling has not been included in the phone which is being offered by Sony’s competitors.


The screen is 5.2 inches in size and is fully HD display enabled and Sony has used the X-Reality for Mobile and Triluminous technology on it, as derived from the Bravia brand. The screen is quite sharp and the black patches are deep. Even though the display is not the most vivid or brightest in this category, nevertheless it is a good device to play games and watch movies on. The company has paid much attention to sound too. There are a number of enhancements such as the dual front firing speakers that add a crucial dimension to games and movies.

Another noteworthy feature of the Sony Xperia Z2 is the 20.7MP resolution camera. The sensor included in the phone is almost 30 percent more than what is used in standard phones and coupled with the high megapixel count it is definitely a highlight of the phone. What is particularly intriguing is that the quality of this mobile camera is at par with the digital cameras produced by the company. All the parameters of the phone are superior- contrast, performance in low light, depth, clarity, color accuracy, lack of noise and detail. The wider sensor supposedly replicates optical zoom by exchanging size of the image for clarity.


The phone has 4K recording as well, which goes without saying. It would certainly have been an exclusively feature if Samsung had not introduced it into the market before Sony. The video recording, if stepped down to 720p, can be shot at 120fps with slow motion effects on the clips.

Aside from the described hardware, the company has done some good work on the camera application. By default the Superior Auto mode is selected that hides most other options to keep the interface simple. The manual mode does not offer regular manual controls but instead allows people to alter settings and utilize various scene modes like Anti Motion Blue, Soft Skin, Night Portrait, Document and a Gourmet mode also, perhaps for snaps of food meant for Instagram.


The quality of image is very impressive. Objects which were in motion could be clicked well and even areas which were in low light. The colors appeared accurate and focusing spot on. The portrait shots are better than landscape. The camera is certainly impressive and it is possible that people buy the phone for its camera.


The raw performance is a mixture in Sony Xperia Z2. There was no lag or slowdown at the time of general usage. However, CPU bound tests showed lower scores than the HTC One M8 and Galaxy S5 by Samsung. The variations were from slight to dramatic. Nevertheless, the Xperia Z2 is quite a fast phone and better than the previous year’s best performers.


The third variation of the Xperia Z range is slickest and contains all features that users want in a phone in a package that is most reasonable for a phone of this range. It is definitely one of the best phones to own.

However, it is quite large for some people and the square body might make it a little uncomfortable to hold onto and use than One M8 and Galaxy S5.

Xperia Z2 does not do anything out of the ordinary but it is perhaps the best rounded of the 3 phones available in the market. Based on specs, it might be difficult for one to make a choice. With this phone, Sony has upped its stakes in the smartphone market and shall give Samsung and HTC a tough competition.

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