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Samsung Galaxy S6 – First IRIS Scanner


Rumors all around the web have covered a latest hot topic on Samsung Galaxy S6. Which will become the first Samsung smartphone to feature IRIS scanner or Eye scanner. Around 5 to 6 months back when S6’s predecessor Galaxy S5 wasn’t revealed, rumors believed that S5 would be coming with IRIS scanner. But since it is now officially revealed in the market without IRIS scanner, the news has been withdrawn and now. It’s being purported that Galaxy S6 will feature this new technology i.e. Eye scanning technology. samsung Galaxy s6

Although recently tech news reporters posted that one of the Samsung EVP has confirmed the development and research on IRIS recognition technology by the Korean firm, which ensures that next Samsung Galaxy S device will probably come with this feature. Many web-blogs on web are contends that Galaxy will include 5 megapixels front shooter which also validates that probability is high for S6 to feature Eye scanner. As this biometric technology requires high quality camera to use near-infrared light for scanning IRIS.


Pros for consumers for IRIS scanner in Samsung Galaxy S6

There is no doubt that all the fans of this giant Korean firm are waiting to see this technology as it is never seen in any of the Samsung device and also, other manufacturer’s are coming with this soon. Well, obviously there will be some plus points for consumers to have IRIS scanner in their smartphones. Many of the readers won’t know the benefits of this biometric technology. Don’t worry here I have purported one of the best benefits of IRIS scanner to be used in a smartphone.

There are many benefits of this biometric feature but which are the ones best and great when it comes to be used a smartphone. The main benefit arising from eye scanning sensors is enhanced Security which is nowadays the most important aspect for consumers and their smartphones. If you have a mobile with this feature than you can easily lock it, and unlock it with direct contact of eyes to your phone’s screen. Just like the proximity sensors, this sensor will be also on the front side so that users can make contact with their eyes to the sensor. Nowadays, confidentiality has risen in every place either is office, business or personal use. So, everyone would need this type of feature in their smartphones and this time it would be started with Samsung Galaxy S6.

Another benefit which can comes in use from an Eye recognition technology is, that it can finish the use of passwords for login credentials, as with it user can use IRIS scanner instead of passwords. I am sure that this will help users to save time as well as make their login credentials more safe and protected.

Samsung Galaxy S VI will be the smartphone allowing users to take taste of this very helpful and securable technology, but it would take time to come as it is expected to launch in 2015. While some other information regarding Samsung Galaxy S6 specs and features include a 20 MP back & 5 MP front shooter, 5.5” ULTRA HD screen, 64 GB internal storage etc.

Do you guys know any other benefits of IRIS scanning technology to be used in smartphones like Galaxy S6? Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments section below.

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  1. There are cons for Iris Scanner feature in Galaxy S6 as the iris is a small target and a scan cannot be performed properly if the person is more than a few meters way.

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