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Samsung Galaxy S5 may have diamond coating: Report

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Being surrounded by many rumors in last few months, the upcoming smartphone from Samsung which will be known as Samsung Galaxy S5 has again got some update about its new feature. According to reports from ET news, a Korean based paper, the Samsung is planning to give galaxy S5 a total different exterior design which includes a diamond coating over the metal surface of the device. This will help in making the device completely scratch proof and less prone to accidental damage.

How will it be done?

 According to reports, Samsung is making a diamond like material by subjecting carbon to high temperature and pressure conditions. This will give a liquid or powder like material that can easily be coated over the metal surface of the device and they will use nano material to help in coating of device. Samsung is still working and improving in this field on diamond coating technology. Till now it is not clear that after such coating will the device exterior may become too shiny. However, as all the work is being done on a nano level, that may not that big of an issue, as properties like color, luster changes when a material is converted into nano size.

 How will it help?

As already mentioned, this coating will help in exterior toughness of the device making it less prone to scratches and damages. It will also improve the overall grip of the device, as the coating will not be as slippery as original metal body. It may also make the exterior of device classier and stylish. But still no official confirmations have been made so we cannot accurately tell you which sectors of the device it will truly help.

Although, mass production of such body cases have not been reported anywhere till now and may be Samsung will still be working on this prototype. And as the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 has been predicted to more likely to be released in early quarter of 2014, this technology might not be the part of this smartphone. One of the other things that should be considered is that such coating does come with Galaxy S5, it will certainly affect its price. The price may go up to $50 to $80 per device, which might be a huge disappointment for many of the users that were thinking about buying this smartphone.

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