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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 | A Piece Of Wonder

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

So far We have shared many articles on the upcoming and already launched smartphones in the market. This article tries to justify Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as a Piece of Wonder.

After the successful launch of Galaxy S5 last month at MWC 2014, all eyes have shifted towards Samsung’s next big thing, that is Galaxy Note 4. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to stun everyone with its amazing features and specs. Various rumors and concepts are flying high on internet about Note 4, and like Galaxy Note 3. It will be a power house performer with great specs.


Some of the rumored specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  • New Stylus S Pen – Note 4 is expected to have a newly designed S-Pen with a Wacom digitizer.
  • Memory – Note 4 will support a 4GB internal RAM.
  • Processor – A new Snapdragon 805 SoC, clocked at 2.4 Ghz and ARM version CPU, supported by a  64 bit goodness to make applications run as smooth as butter.
  • Operating System – The Galaxy Note 4 will run on latest Android version (speculated Android Milkshake 6.0) .
  • Display – A 5.5 inch screen display supported by a 1440 Pixel screen resolution, and a pixel density of 540 ppi.
  • Sensors – Note 4 will have both retina scanning sensors as well as fingerprint sensors to enhance security of this phablet.
  • Camera – A crystal clear 21 Mega Pixel primary camera supported by manual controls for Galaxy Note 4 is expected. A 7MP secondary camera is also on the possibility list.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Price tag of Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be at least $900 with such astonishing features that will simply blow out its competitors in year 2104. Coming to the release date of Note 4, it is expected that it will follow same line as followed by its predecessor phablets. It is very likely that it will release in September 2014.

For more updates and speculated rumors & news on Samsung Galaxy Note 4, stay-tuned .

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