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safety applications

Technology has gone hi-tech, to the extent that you can use it to know when your kid is safe or not safe. Around the world, hundreds of children go missing every minute. A study carried out in the United Kingdom reveals that a kid goes missing every 3 minutes, accumulating to thousands of children by the end of the year. This has led to many parents restricting the movements of their kids and many especially in urban areas won’t let their kid stroll a step away from them. In other parts of the world, in mere seconds, a kid could be stolen from the parent and in a matter of minutes could be out of the state on country.

However, there are some ways one can use to help keep watch of their children. One involves using your kid’s Smartphone to keep watch of them. You may be the kind of parent wary of letting your young kid own a phone, but consider this first:

safety applications

Safety Applications to Secure Your Kids

1)     Safety Applications – Sygic Family

This safety application lets you keep vigil of your kids by checking the real-time location as well as the battery level of your kid’s Smartphone. It also lets you track your kid’s movement besides have them check-in periodically to inform you where they are. You can as well set “Safe zones” and “Unsafe zones” and a notification is set to you once he/she enters or leaves these zones.

2)     Safety Applications – Life360

Life360 has similar features as those of Sygic Family but also lets you check the location history of your kid plus shows you where to get emergency help, i.e. hospitals and police stations. It also lets you have group chats with family members. If you don’t own a smartphone, you still can use this safety application with a mobile phone but at a small monthly price of RM4.99, up to 5 mobile phones.

3)     Safety Applications – MamaBear

This safety application keeps your kid safe both offline and online. To start with online safety, it is able to keep watch of your kid’s Facebook feed. It alerts you in case of crude language used on your kid or when he/she is tagged on their friends’ photo.

4)     Safety Applications – MobileKids

It is more of a monitoring tool than communication tool. Lets you know when your kid uses his/her phone in the middle of the night. It too has got an SOS button that lets you call for help in case of emergency.

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