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HTC One M8 – A Phone for Smart People


The brand value of HTC cell phones is not unknown to people. When it comes to technology and applied sciences, HTC One M8 is the best model introduced into the town. Its opulent aluminum body with the brilliance of 5-inch display screen makes it one of the best phones around. The eye catchy packaging and cabinet of the phone is one of the best features, that the company has ever minted into any smart phone till now. Its sophisticated all-metal chassis provides a sheer and elegant look, and feel which makes it an unparalleled device for a long term durable usage.

HTC One M8

Following are the key features of HTC One M8 which makes it popular among smart people:


HTC One M8 Rich display for a vivacious look and feel:

HTC One M8’s IPS LCD has wide viewing angles with the admixture of good brightness and ample rich colors. The 1920×1080 pixels HD resolution makes it a wonderful piece for getting your cherished moments captured in the crispiest possible manner. The device’s unique display features even let you view the characters on screen under bright sunlight.

HTC One M8 Top notch Operating System:

Google’s Android 4.4.2 operating system by far is the latest operating system that is incorporated with up-to-date smart phones. The addition of KitKat makes it obtain a classic layout, strong integration with Google search options and provides faster performance. Gmail, Google and other social networking sites and drive file storage is found handy with the new OS.

HTC One M8 Intelligent camera for the picture perfect side of you:

The primary and secondary cameras are both built intelligently. One of the striking features of these cameras is their resolution which is kept 4 MP for the primary and 5MP for the secondary. The pixels have been changed and updated to let in more light, which was unlike the case in the previous versions of HTC One cell phones. It is being said that the secondary camera works as a sensor that collects information of the environment upon each shot taken.

Powerful HTC One M8

The new 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 chip with a sturdy 2GB RAM makes it one of the finest smart phones for fast surfing and loading hell loads of data. The use of Adreno 330 GPU also makes it sturdier for providing extra graphically intensive fun activities such as gaming. With all such features, HTC One M8 becomes an opulent option for those people who like to do everything with élan. Its sophisticated lineament is the best cell piece for smart people who love to work differently.

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