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Iphone 7 Rumors – Fake or Real ?

iphone 7 Rumors

The recent rumors related to iPhone 7 that are being floated in the market suggest that Apple is trying to launch a bigger and better version of the iPhone this time. More focus is being given to the resolution and screen part. The upcoming version might have a 5.5 inch screen made from Sapphire material and it might be launched in the first quarter of 2015. Apple is always famous for elegant launches and always comes up with something that is highly appreciated by masses and here is the iPhone 7 Rumors .

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iphone 7 Rumors

Apple Is Preparing In Advance To Meet The Supply And Demand Gap

  • Latest rumors suggest that Apple has already ordered a million of sapphire screens to a Chinese company so that it is ready when the launch happens.The reason why Apple is trying to come up with a large screen is because it wants to compete with Samsung and Nokia who have already shifted their focus towards bigger screens.
  • If these rumors are to be believed iPhone 7’s display will be based upon Low Temperature Ploy Silicon technology. This will help the company to make the Retina feature smoother and users can also expect a super smooth screen. Moreover sapphire also offers better smart phone protection and is readily available.


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Rumor Has It The iPhone 7 Will Have Projector Features

  •  The iPhone 7 is also expected to have a projector feature which means it would become easier for you to project your PowerPoint presentations and you can also see movies on bigger screens.
  • Imagine an iPhone 7 with 256 GB internal memory and you save your favorite movies into it and see those movies on a bigger screen with the help of the projector. The battery is also expected to be stronger so that the movies can be played for longer duration of time. All these features will come at a nominal price tag.
  • Keeping prices at an affordable level and that too for a feature rich phone is going to be a difficult task for Apple. But as we all know this is the company that bought a smart phone revolution in the entire world and every other company followed their model.

Battery And 4G Connectivity Is The Talk Of The Town Right Now

  • Apart from all the features that have been discussed above, users can also expect a highly advanced battery made out of organic material. These organic batteries are all set to replace the old Li-on batteries. This is seen as an attempt to contribute something to the environment by the Apple Company.
  • With all this the iPhone 7 will offer a better 4G connectivity. Its advanced user interface is made stronger and sophisticated, so that the users can have smooth and seamless internet connectivity.

Apart from all these elegant and advanced features users can also expect some exciting and interesting apps in its app world. But the million dollar question is that when is going to be its launch. Rumors suggest that 2015 will see iPhone 7 coming into the market.

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  1. Rumors are flying plenty my friend! I enjoyed reading through the speculations regarding the features, build material etc. Actually, I’m all set to buy a new smartphone. But not iphone! 🙂

    It is either going to be Moto G or Moto E. But surely, the iphone is an iphone. It has its own distinguished looks, feel, features and brand identity. Whenever a new model is charted to get released, then there are all sorts of such rumors and speculations being circulated.

    Later, some such facts turns out to be true, while some other just turn out to be lies! Anyways, it was nice going through the post.

    I found the link to this article on Kingged.


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