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Iphone 6 Specifications : Crash Resistant

iphone 6 specifications

iPhone 6 has already emerged as the youngest and hottest star of blogosphere. Though we have not received any confirmations from the developers, yet the tech town seems to be busy buzzing about the specifications of this smartphone. Iphone 6 Specifications and the latest update is that it will come with not only scratch resistant technology, but also a technology that will safeguard the phone from crash damages and far greater internal memory than we could have expected.

iphone 6 specifications

Crash Resistant Technology

Rumor has it that recently Apple has bagged another patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office called ‘Protective Mechanism for an Electronic Device’. This patent is designed for safeguarding the fragile next generation iPhone from cracking into thousand pieces just in case it falls from the users hand by mistake.

The insiders are of the opinion that Apple developers have come up with two designs for protecting the iPhone as well as iPad from crash damage. One mechanism is by providing the iPhone 6 with air bags which will slow down the speed of phone when it falls from your hand. Thereby the impact on the phone from falling on the ground will be minimized. That would make it Crash Resistant


Killer Iphone 6 Specifications

The second mechanism is by providing the iPhone with a technology whereby the iPhone will never fall flat on the face. Whenever it slips of the hands of the users, it will get tilted in a particular angle on the side, whereby the display can be protected. A censor will be integrated in the phone whereby it can detect the speed of fall and thereafter change the angle of the phone so that it causes least damage to the phone.

Another possible mechanism for protecting the phone from crashing is also proposed by the tech buffs. They are of the opinion that by using the thrust mechanism the fragile iPhone 6 can be also protected. It states that a thrust force will be produced from different direction of the phone whereby the position of the phone can be altered.

If any one of these technologies is used in the next series of iPhone at all, then it is surely going to be a super hit in the global smartphone market and creates a new benchmark in the history of smartphones. If we are not wrong, then Apple developers started thinking on this line primarily because it wanted to assure the potential clients that the design of their next line of gadgets are totally full proof (specially with reference to the wraparound display) and they can keep their faith on brand Apple.

The other brands of the market are also working on such smartphones with similar characteristics like iphone 6 specifications and on the top of list are Galaxy Note 4, Nexus 6, LG G3 and Xperia Z3 which would be the star smartphones of 2014 with iPhone 6. No doubt, iPhone 6 would be the king which will rule in the market.

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