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Conventional Tips about Firework Photography

firework photography tips

Photography is an art. And art is a God-gifted talent which is not blessed in every person. But those who are blessed with this talent are quite fortunate people I think. I love photography because it provides you great opportunities to make your moments memorable and treasured. Photography is not a on word or thing but it has so many hidden variations like action photography, wedding photography and much more. But keep in mind; it’s not so easy process. Do not think that in the first practice you will end up with great success. You need lot of time to learn about it. Today I will share my experience about firework photography and it’s my favorite from all. I took lot of photos of firework on weddings and especially on New Year. I hope you will love it after knowing its basics.

 Firework Photography Equipment:

If you are working with wrong or unbalanced equipment, you are surely on wrong path. The best way is to use sturdy tripod during firework photography. I used the word ‘sturdy’ because firework is not still situation it goes and goes on, you have to record every single crack and to capture all colors. Sturdy tripod will help you to keep the camera in right direction for few seconds so you can easily record the continuous situation. I remember when I was capturing the firework pictures on friend’s wedding then I was not having a tripod and I found a totally discouraging result. So do not miss the any wonderful occasion in which firework is brightening the sky, take its great photos and adjust the digital photos on canvas to decorate the home after wedding and make it more memorable and acoustic. Some fireworks are spectacular as they are in the flower like shape and look quite beautiful and amazingly brighten the sky.


 Adjustment of Focal Length:

 This is a quite difficult process in whole firework photography. To keep adjusting the camera on right direction of sky and in the right place is quite difficult thing. Because a problem is that firework happens quite fast. One must need to set the camera with zoomed in lens and in short focal length. You have also observed that pictures captured in long focal length looks not so natural and the originality of scene is not visible. So best way is to adjust small focal length to capture image from zoom in point. Like I captured a picture of New Year night firework cracking, the picture was zoomed in, all colors were looking perfect. It was looking like an interesting artwork. To make it more perfect I thought to save the pictures on canvas prints so that the firework image looks somewhat transparent and colorful on both sides. Then hanged the photo on the inside door of my photo gallery. After that I observed that, when we take photos in short focal length the photos automatically fill the borders of frame with colors of fireworks, which look great and natural.


Tips about Firework Photography

 Mid Aperture:

 It’s a common confusion of mostly photographers to use what kind of aperture for firework photography. Mostly people think that use of fast lens would be better. But I greatly refuse them; actually the emitting light from firework is quite brighter and reflects the camera lens. So it’s good to adjust the aperture from small range to middle. It will work best and reasonable.

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