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In the previous post i shared about how to write a blogSince I’ve been blogging, a lot people have asked me a very decent question. How to make money online! Though, there are many options and different ways available to earn money online. But here in this article i have shared the most successful ways to make money. Blogging is the most known way to make money online. But their are sub-categories through with most successful bloggers are earning money.how-do-i-make-money-online

  • Advertising Programs
  • Affiliate
  • Paid Posts
  • Paid Links and Continuing…

Bloggers like Harsh Aggarwal from Shoutmeloud and Amit Aggarwal from Digital Inspiration and many more successful bloggers have become idols for the newbie.

Note – I am talking about these two bloggers because I follow them.

Reason – They are the masters in the concept of how to make money online using different ways perfectly. Google Adsense is the most used and known way to make money online, but if you visit Shoutmeloud, you’ll find only one ad by adsense. And if it’s a guest post, the ad code is placed by the guest author. Still Mr. Harsh makes a good amount online through affiliate marketing.

On the other hand Mr. Amit Aggarwal’s primary source of income is Adsense.

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200 Ways on How to Make Money Online | Infographic

This Infographic was originally presented by SurveySpencer. And provides you a detailed information about how to make money online and different options available according to your convenience.

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How To Make Money OnlineI am sure now you must be knowing how to make money online, and above I’ve shared 200 different ways to earn money online. The choice is your. Your efforts will surely deliver output.

My Opinion – If you really want to make money online, you need to be very much patient. Success takes time, but when you start getting the juice out of your smart work. You would never look back.

Happy Blogging 🙂

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