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Best Websites to Learn Coding for Free Online in 2020

Best Websites to Learn Coding for Free Online 2020

Amid COVID lockdown, if you are getting bore and thinking to learn useful skills that can help you earn good money online, you might learn coding. Coding is one of the best skills to learn in the digital era as after learning it, you cannot only manage your website but also take freelance projects to make websites, apps, etc. for businesses and startups. If coding interests you and you are looking for some best websites to learn coding or to buy some paid course online to learn it, I will advise you not to invest in the beginning. There are plenty of websites where you can learn to code for free, and some of them also provide you certification on completion.

It is always better to first learn coding for free from such websites, and for your ease, today, we are sharing the list of Best Websites to Learn Coding for Free Online.

1) CodeAcademy

Code Academy- Best Free Website to learn Coding
Code Academy- Best Free Website to learn Coding for Beginners

CodeAcademy is one of the best & popular website to learn code for free. You can find various courses like Javascript, PHP, Python, SQL, or Ruby to learn online, and many of them are free to access. You can explore all the courses available on the website and start with the one that interests you.

  • Pros: In every course, there are several subunits & lessons with some problems/tests to solve after completion of that unit. It helps in self-assessment.
  • Its interface contains a panel where you can see all the instructions, a console to write all the codes & an output terminal where you can run your code. So you can practice simultaneously.
  • All the courses are simple & well-structured. Also, if you make any mistake, the website immediately shares feedback to improve it.

2) Coursera

Cousera- Free Website for Professional Courses
Cousera- Free Website for Professional Courses

Coursera is one of the best professional website where you can learn coding for free online. It provides you various coding-related courses in a college-like atmosphere. They have the best professionals from some top universities who will teach you these courses and all of them are free. But they have a particularly tight schedule & if you want to learn coding from Coursera, you have to be dedicated & punctual.

  • Pros: You can learn coding for free from best Professionals worldwide.
  • All the courses are free, but if you want certification, it is paid yet worthy.
  • You have to enroll for a particular course in advance, and in case you miss it, you can add it to your wishlist so you can attend the next session.
  • Various courses like PHP, Javascript, IoT programming, HTML, CSS, C Language are available on a difficulty basis (from Basic to Professional).

3) Udemy

Udemy- Best Free Website to learn Coding

Udemy is one of the biggest & diverse platform to learn professional courses for free online. Apart from coding, Udemy offers multiple courses ranging in web development, Mobile Application Development, eCommerce Site Creation, Game Creation, etc. Many of the professional courses are paid, but plenty of them are free as well, and from time to time, they offer massive discounts and paid courses for free as well.

  • Pros: Courses are well-structured and authentic.
  • Apart from learning, one can add their courses as well on Udemy.
  • Instructors have the option to provide digital certificates to the students on completion of the course, but it depends upon the instructor.

4) Udacity

Free Udacity Courses Online
Free Udacity Courses Online

Udacity is another great website that offers individual courses in multiple categories to learn for free online. Udacity understands the flaws of the education system and tries to overcome them through its professional and essential courses.

Some of the best online courses available on Audacity are:

  • Data science Courses like Data Analyst & Data Streaming
  • Intro to Programming
  • Full-Stack Web Developer
  • Front End Web Developer

Pros: Udacity collaborates with reputed companies like Google, Facebook, AT&T to develop professional courses that make you job-ready.
2) Udacity’s courses are split into short videos so you can easily understand them without getting bore & they have also inserted quizzes in between the videos to retain your interest.
3) On completion of every course, you will get a test to solve, and they also provide a digital certificate on course completion.

5) FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodecamp to learn coding for Free
FreeCodecamp to learn coding for Free

FreeCodeCamp is the perfect website for beginners and those who have no prior knowledge about coding. It offers multiple courses to learn to code for free online. Major courses are free and very informative. You can easily enroll yourself in any of the courses you want to begin with.

Some of the best courses available on FreeCodeCamp are:

1) Data Visualisation
2) Information Security & Quality Assurance
3) Javascript Algorithms & Data Structures

  • Pros: All the courses are well-structured and free.
  • Videos are short and have quizzes related to the topic.
  • After completion, you will get a digital certificate, and you can build projects on the same platform.
  • They have a big community of like-minded people, which you can join on Facebook and share your skills with each other.

Wrapping Up!

While there are multiple other websites that allow you to learn to code for free, these are the best websites to learn coding for free for beginners. These sites are very professional, simple & easy to begin with, and they offer various courses on a difficulty basis. So, initially, you can start with a basic level and then opt for professional courses. Also, you will get a certificate and simultaneously build projects to check your knowledge and level. I hope this article helps you. Keep learning and Keep Sharing!

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