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Positive Thinking For A Successful Life

Entry to a Positive Room

I’ve been working in the corporate sector since 2009, and over the years I’ve experienced a lot of changes. Not talking about my physical appearance here ;), it’s the attitude and my behavior I am talking about. It’s about how I treat the people working for me and how I deal with people ordering me. I had always accepted my mistakes during my work and learned from them. I always loved to write and share what I learn, therefore started blogging. Realised later, that we may even make money online through blogging. I FAILED. But the thing that kept me going was my optimistic approach. What I learned from anything going around me is that we just need to positive and dedicated and things will work accordingly. I shared some health tips for bloggers and positive thinking and attitude is one of the major tips in my list.

I always feel that the way we perceive, reflects who we are and our positive attitude is a ladder to our success.

Positive Thinking & Positive Action

So, now I ask you! Did you ever experience the bliss of positive thinking? You probably have or may not have, but yes, you’ll surely gain something after going through what I’ve shared. I at least HOPE THIS :D.

I will tell you all mantras of the power of positive thinking. Let us start by starting and store your deep knowledge about Positive thinking.

What is Positive Thinking?

Positive Thinking is a state of mind in which you decide or accept life as it is coming. It is the condition where you do not allow your emotion to take back seat to your intellect as your intellect can only propel you in a good situation or direction.

This is something I always follow

“Be master of emotion rather than your emotion to be master of you”

Master your Emotions

Dr. Julianne Marson’s Master your emotions is worth reading and I would also recommend you to give it some time.

Now I should justify the title! if your approach is positive you can overcome everything. This specific attitude should govern your life, which will lead your way to a successful life or any spheres of life.

Whether it is your life or blogging, measuring the path of success is not easy.  You suffer from some emotional or psychological clutter. You need to release these feelings to regain control. Do not damage yourself for the petty things as your negativity or insecurity makes you feel left. Most importantly, it will not lead you anywhere, then why wasting your energy on that thing which gives you feeling of sorrow, rejection, and despair.

Similarly, in blogging, you come across different phase of untoward situation where you feel locked with despair, but in this peculiar time rather than relinquish you have to stand affirm for yourself to generate success.

“Your thinking can make you or break you”

Blogging can be your profession or passionIt depends on how you take it. In every sphere of life there is skilled people or mediocre, but it does not mean mediocre is unhappy and skilled is happy. You uproot your thinking power and it is the important blessing from God.

Develop Positive Thinking for a Successful life

Successful life with positive thinking

Furnish your thought in a way to stay cheerful in any circumstances.

  • Try to find colors in your faded life.
  • Gather only good aspects of life.
  • Be forgetful of your bad condition or take it as a learning experience.
  • Never compromise on your feelings.
  • Learn to transform your bad energy into good energy.
  • Paint your wall of thinking with what you have rather than focusing on what you do not have.
  • Consider present is everything or it is in your hand and past is only memory and future is hope.
  • Be ready to meet your flaws and realize your worth to attain perfection.
  • Build never say die attitude, nothing is made in this world you cannot chase.
  • Do not blame others for any situations you have, consider it as part of life.
  • Always be in the company of the inspiring person or things, which motivates you.

These points are a step towards excel and make you earn your self-esteem.

If you are a blogger by choice or it is part of your profession in any condition, your personal being should be independent. I mean whatever you do, do with elation. It should be your source of comfort.

Drop the fear

Drop Fear
Pic Credit – Quotesgram

This mantra will keep your soul vivacious and confident. In blogging or in life you need to set targets for attaining your goals. In it, you have to govern your life without having fear of the outcome.

For instance: When you plant a seed, you wait for the ultimate result. Sometimes your plant grows successfully and sometimes you fail to make it grow according to your wish.

When you fail, you think you cannot do. Here your weak point wins over your good point.

Failure is not your weak point, in fact, not trying is your weakness. Keep trying should be your priorities until you achieve success in blogging or life. There should be no room for ‘impossible’ word. So drop your fear to signify your needs and priorities.

Whatever you are looking for outside is already inside”

Some important description of benefits of positive thinking

You know when I used to think to focus on the negative part of my life I was unhappy and now I focus only on my blessings that I am happiest ever. Life is in the same position it has no shape and size but your thinking has shape and size. It is the turn of your state of mind to distinguish your positivity and negativity. Both thinking powers lie within you, but it solely depends on you which power you want to develop in you i.e. positive thinking or negative thinking.

Similarly, in blogging, let blogging stand in the place of life. Blogging has also no shape and size it is your thinking power which creates definition. Your definition should always be positive, then you will always remain in the company of win-win situation.

“I do not want perfect life I want happy life”

Few bonus points

  • Your happiness is your success and produces more energy and happiness derives from positivity.
  • Positive attitude towards work and life nurtures the potential in your fight with all hurdles and obstacles.
  • You become healthier, smarter, and bold and stand as an inspiration for others.

Cultivate this same mantra for the success in blogging. Develop your positive thinking, as it will make you more powerful, cheerful and creator in the blogosphere or any sphere of life.

Something I want to know

You just read an article of more than 1000 words and I am pretty sure about the fact that you must have visualised the moments of your life when you had felt like a looser or when you thought that it’s not working for you. I’ll be really happy to know what you felt and how this article helped you to dig some positive attitude out of you.

This attitude cannot be adopted in a click, it will take some time. Believe me, once you start applying it, you’d be happy in every situation. Happy Blogging, Happy Life 🙂

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  1. I like your post. A positive attitude changes everything in life. I have struggled a lot every time when I tried new things, but a positive attitude helped in surviving in all the situations.

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