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How to use Microsoft Defender in Windows 10 to scan a file/folder for Malware


It’s a risk to store some valuable information on your PC or Laptop, like personal details, bank details, any important folder containing business files or CDs, etc. Due to the cyber attacks, there must be a fear of storing such information on your PC or Laptop. Also, cyber threats are made by hackers. They are genius and can steal your data despite multiple security options available. Hence, to get rid of this theft, you need an important tool that can help you. To detect and protect your system from the virus, read how to use Microsoft Defender in Windows 10 to scan the file or folder for Malware.

What is Microsoft Windows Defender?

Microsoft Windows Defender

Windows Defender, powered by Microsoft is an antivirus tool that will scan the files and folders present in your PC or Laptop, and check whether they are infected with some virus or not. There is an innumerable virus that can harm your data, spyware, adware, worms are few names of the virus that may reside in your PC.

The windows defender is an integrated antivirus tool that Microsoft offers for the actual protection of data present in the PC. Windows Defender notifies you, by pop-ups if Malware is detected. You can even, switch off the notification if it interrupts you in between. The Microsoft Windows Defender scans every individual file or folder, just like its name indicates.

What is the need of Microsoft Defender on Windows?

Remember the cyber attacker can be in any form; it can be your friend, relative or any unknown Cyber stalker. Suppose your friend suggested downloading a movie and send you the website which contains the movie link. Your friend describes the film in detail, and maybe you liked the description and want to watch, so you click on the link, and the movie is downloading into your PC or Laptop, here’s the catch!!. As soon as you download the file into your PC, there will be a Trojan Horse attack. This is a virus that will be installed into PC or Laptop along with the movie. But if you have Microsoft defender on your windows, you can protect your crucial data.

The virus will hang up your PC, and hence, all your critical private data will be accessed by the attacker, without letting you know about this. This attack will disturb your data integrity severely and will destroy you. Similarly, kind of attack is done by the cyber attacker, which is known as computer worms and viruses. The computer worms get installed into your PC or Laptop with the help of network or internet connectivity, and the virus can be installed through the Pendrive.

For example, you want Photoshop software in your PC, and hence, due to low internet connectivity, you won’t be able to download it. So, you ask your friend for the Pendrive with Photoshop software stored in it. You get the Pendrive and insert it into your PC. It might be possible that the Pendrive can contain a virus in it. The virus installed through it will slow down the PC to some extent. To remove the virus, you need Microsoft Windows Defender. It will scan a suspicious file/folder and remove the virus.

Microsoft Windows Defender Function

The above mentioned are the popular ways of virus attack that might happen to you. To get rid of the malware attacks, this article is written. In this article, we will cover how you can use Microsoft Defender and scan any file and folder that might contain a virus. The big IT giant, Microsoft Windows Operating System, is very much powerful and can scan the inspected file with Malware.
Let’s brief you how to use Microsoft Defender in Windows 10 to scan a file or folder for Malware through a step-by-step guide.

How to use Microsoft Defender in Windows 10 to scan a file or folder for Malware?

Step-By-Step Guide for How to use Microsoft Defender in Windows 10 to scan a file/folder for Malware:

How to use microsoft defender in Windows 10

1. Switch on the Laptop and tap on the windows key. After tapping the Windows key, below the near the icons, you will see the Windows icon and a tooltip written, “type here to search”, click on it and search “Windows Defender”. The search will display “Windows Defender Security Center”, click on the App, and it will redirect you to the settings page.
2. On the page you have landed, you will get a screen that has multiple icons on the left side. From those options, choose the second option, which is “Virus & Threat Protection”.
3. On clicking the “Virus & Threat Protection”, you will see details about recent updates, history, any threat related history, some specifications, and any other information.
4. Right below the heading Virus & Threat, you will get to see a scan button of blue color. Click on the button “start quick” to run a quick scan. You will then get a notification about the threats or any malware available.
5. For advanced scan, click on the advanced settings, look for any Trojan horse virus, and remove it. Also, there is the option of a full scan which you can also use.
6. You can adjust the windows defender notifications option as per your choice. If you think that the notifications are disturbing you, then disable it and check the virus manually.
7. After following every step properly, you will get a malware-free file or folder which you can use easily.


So, this was a detailed guide of how to use Microsoft defender in windows 10 to scan any file/folder for Malware. We hope after reading this article, you must be cleared and fearless about your data, as Microsoft Windows defender will scan the file and protect your data by keeping your integrity and security intact. We would recommend you read the article carefully to understand the various cyber threats present, the meaning of Windows Defender, its functions, and at last, the step-by-step guide to carry out the scan. If you have any other doubts regarding any windows solution or malware attacks, share with us in comments! Keep learning, and stay safe!

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