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How to Create Your Own Google People Card- Virtual Visiting Card

How to Create Your Own Google People Card- Virtual Visiting Card

Google never leaves a chance to amaze us. In this digital World, where we are inclining more and more towards digital platforms to promote ourselves, our businesses/products, Google is trying to be in the first place in every aspect. Despite being a search engine, Google gives us so many tools to make our life simpler & easier and recently, Google launched an amazing feature known as Google People Card to know more about its users. It is like a virtual visiting card where you can add all the necessary & useful information related to you & your work which is accessible by Google & other people. If you are not aware of this feature & its uses, you should give this article a read.

It is very easy in the digital era to find someone on social media through his/her profile. But can you do the same on Google? Well, till now it wasn’t easy, but now Google made it possible by launching its virtual visiting cards feature known as Google People Card. Through this feature, now you can search for the person you want to connect with, and Google will show you the exact search results of that person using his people card’s information. Let’s learn how this virtual visiting card works and how you can create your own Google People Card on mobile.

What is Google People Card and How it Works?

Google Search Card. Google Virtual Visiting Card known as Google People Card.

To make you searchable online on Google, today, Google launched the feature of Virtual Visiting Card aka Google People Card in India on a mobile device only. By creating this google virtual visiting card, you can share all the information related to you, your profile & work which you want to share with the World. It is a really helpful tool for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and other people who want to be discoverable on Google by other people. Currently, the feature is available in India, and Google is not expanding it further. It is available only on mobile devices and in English.

Anyone & Everyone can create their own Google People Card by sharing all the relevant and business information they want to showcase via this virtual visiting card. To create a Google virtual visiting card, you need to sign up with your Google account and verify the same with your registered number. You can create only one Google People card via one google account and mobile number. In short, it is like a Google Profile which will appear in search results when someone searches for you on Google just like we do on other social media platforms. Your Google visiting card will be visible to the people once it is successfully created. Also, you can edit or control all the information you are adding in the card anytime using your google account.

How to Create your own Google People Card- Step By Step Guide

Since the announcement, people are struggling to find the step by step guide to create their own Google People Card, which can make them visible on Google. To check this feature, I have also tried to make my Google virtual visiting card and here is its detailed step-by-step guide.

Follow these steps to create your own Google People Card in just a few minutes:

  • Make sure, you must have login with your Google account to create a virtual visiting card on Google.
  • Open the Google Chrome Bar in your mobile and search for “Add me to Search” in the search bar.

add me to search- How to create Google Search Card

  • Now Click on “Get Started”
  • Upload your photo to create your Avatar and fill all the details regarding yourself & your work, education & qualification.
  • Add your website & social media profiles so people can connect with you there. You can add multiple social media profiles in your visiting card.

add social profiles- How to Create Google People Card

  • After filling all the details, click on preview card and if you are satisfied with the preview result, click on “Save Card”.

Google Search Card Preview

  • After clicking on “Save Card”, “Success” will appear, which means your Google People Card has been created successfully. Click on “Success” to view your virtual visiting card on Google.

Google Search Card Success Preview

You can change or edit your details anytime in your Google Virtual Visiting Card. Once it is successfully created, it will be visible on Google when someone searches you with your name. You can control the privacy settings and other information which you want to share with people.


Free branding is what we all want, and when it comes to promoting our business/brand, we should not miss a single chance. Google is giving us a chance to showcase our skills, business and work to the World via Google People Card/Virtual Visiting Card, and it is effortless and free to create. We have shared how to create your own virtual visiting card aka Google People Card using a step-by-step guide. We will recommend you to give it a try and if you face any issue, share it with us in comments!

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