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How to fix a frozen windows PC Screen- Step By Step Guide

How to fix a frozen windows PC Screen- Step By Step Guide

In the digital era, we all are dependent on our PC or laptop for our all crucial work/assignments or entertainment. But the comfort soon turns into discomfort when suddenly Windows PC screen gets frozen with a error on a blue screen “Your PC might run into a Problem and needs to restart”. It is a pervasive problem which almost experienced by all Windows Users. But the good thing is, there are some quick & convenient methods to resolve this error/problem. Today, we will share some easy and convenient ways of How to fix a frozen Windows PC screen.

How to fix "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart"
How to fix “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart”

Imagine you are working on your office assignment, college, or school project or just chilling on Netflix and suddenly the computer freezes. The screen gets frozen due to many reasons. It could either be a random minor fluke or bug or sometimes major hardware problems. Whatever the reason, it can be very frustrating and inconvenient. Instead of doing your task, you focus on how to unfreeze the windows screen. But there are some quick and ingenious methods which will unfreeze your windows PC screen within minutes. Follow the detailed guide of how to fix a frozen windows PC screen using some fast and convenient ways, which we are going to share with you in this article.

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List of Some Quick & Convenient ways to fix a frozen windows PC Screen

1. Escape button

One of the easiest and most used method by Windows users. Sometimes your PC is not frozen but hangs due to being slow or busy in the processing of some background task. Give it a few minutes and then press the Esc button to solve the problem.

2. Leaving the particular application

Sometimes a particular window hangs and causes problems. For example, while playing games due to graphics issues it freezes. You can press Alt+F4. It will close that window without affecting others. But this will not work if your windows screen has actually frozen.

Reboot to fix a frozen windows PC screen

3. Reboot

One of the best ways to fix a frozen Windows PC is to reboot your PC. It will not only bring your screen back to normal but will also help in blocking out other minor issues your PC is facing. You can reboot your computer in most of the situations. 

But reboot primarily focuses on the condition of deadlock. You can check for deadlock by pressing your Caps Lock key. If the LED light turns on and off properly, then it is fine, but if it doesn’t, that means it is a condition of deadlock. A reboot is stipulated if deadlock happens.

How to reboot a frozen computer?

It is effortless. Just press and hold power off button until your PC gets turned off. After a few seconds, it will be turned on automatically. You may lose your unsaved work if your PC does not have an Auto save feature.

4. End task

If your windows screen or files opened are not responding, or the cursor is stuck and not moving through the mouse, then terminating all the tasks might help. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del or Ctrl+Shift+Esc. The combination of key focus on the cessation of all the windows opened in front of task processing in the background. After pressing the Windows task manager, the dialogue box will appear. Click on the end task button at the leftmost bottom of the dialogue box. It might take a few seconds for the system to finish the work and normalize it.

5. Solution for Video drivers

Are you having video issues due to graphic cards and video drivers for your games? Or your screen is getting frozen? No problem we are here with a shortcut key rescue. It will focus on solving your screen freezing and video driver problems. 

Press key combination “Shift+Ctrl+Win+B”. This shortcut is offered by windows. After pressing it, your screen will go black, and you will hear a faint beep sound. After three to four seconds, your screen will be fixed. Since it is pivoted only for video driver issues; hence it does not affect other applications. No harm will be done to your unsaved work. However, this handy fix only works for Windows 10 and Windows 8 but unfortunately does not work for Windows 7.

Win+Ctrl+Shift+B to fix a frozen windows PC screen

So, these are some quick and convenient ways of how to fix a frozen windows PC screen. If your Windows PC screen froze once, then it is not a big deal. But frequent freezing of your window is a sign that you need to dig deeper to diagnose the real issue.

If you are facing random Windows PC screen freezing, then the following steps will help you to fix a frozen windows PC screen.

  • First, shut down your computer and then start it normally. Go to the control panel of your operating system. Click on “System and Security”. Then select “System” and click “System Protection”. A dialogue box will appear and click on the system restore function. If these options are not available in your PC, then find the system restore option from the settings of your computer.
  • There must be a hidden virus which is causing these issues. Run a scan of anti-virus on your device. If you do not have an anti-virus, then immediately install it for your system’s protection.
  • You can reinstall your Windows again.
  • If you have tried everything, but still nothing helps. Then the contention lies inside your PC. There must be something wrong with your hardware, device driver, memory or CPU. It could be because of a defect, or the hardware is outdated. Get it checked and replaced in a shop to prevent it from further damage.


Wrapping Up Step-By-Step Guide to fix a frozen Windows PC Screen!

The guide of how to fix your frozen Windows PC screen ends here. We mentioned all the possibilities and solutions of a frozen PC. Now you don’t need your IT technician or braggy cousin’s help to mend your frozen PC screen. Without getting irritated and within minutes you know how to restore your Window PC frozen screen. All the methods mentioned above are effective and have proven results so far. We hope that this will solve your frozen Windows problem quickly and smoothly but still if you face any issue, you can share it with us in comments to get a quick solution. Keep Learning & Evolving!

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