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How To Disable Windows 10 Startup Delay- Step by Step Guide

How to disable windows 10 startup delay- Step by Step Guide

It is quite frustrating when you are working on your system, and due to some technical issue, your system starts lagging or gets slow. In such scenarios, it’s on us whether to waste time or switch for another solution. Well, today we are talking about the most common Windows 10 startup delay that let you hold all your important stuff at a crucial time. Most of us experience this problem once in a while, but not all know its solution. So, to help you out with this problem, today we will share how to disable windows 10 startup delay for a smooth and quick working on your PC/Laptop.

As you all know about the fact that, we all waste our few seconds in starting the windows, hence should disable the startup delay in windows 10 Operating System. As we know, people get frustrated but had never tried to stop this or disable this from their Windows OS. In this article, we will be covering the most critical solution to disable the Windows 10 startup delay. But before starting, you must be curious to know why this startup delay occurs in Windows? Is there any reason behind the delay? Let’s first understand the reason behind the problem and then the detailed solution to fix Windows 10 startup delay.

Laptops equipped with SSD do not require this feature. Instead of the people with SSD, one can opt to enable the delay, as per your convenience, because the SSD laptops don’t face any delay, their processor works smoothly. But everyone doesn’t use SSD or have SSD, instead use Microsoft Windows. Hence, let’s begin and explore the problem and how to disable the startup delay in the Windows 10 OS.

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Problem: Why the Windows 10 Operating system has a startup delay?

Before briefing you about the problem, let’s note down what is this startup delay.

What is Startup Delay in Windows?

What is Startup Delay in Windows 10

Startup Delay is the time taken by the startup processor to run all the programs. The startup delay takes a time of 10 seconds to start the windows so that further the user won’t experience any delay while using the programs.

Let’s focus now on the problem statement.

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Why the Windows 10 Operating system has a startup delay?

Later, when a new version of the Windows Operating System came into existence, Microsoft itself included the startup delay feature. Earlier Windows 7 OS, was not having this startup feature enabled, but for the higher versions, Windows 8 and above, this startup delay feature has become a part. While using the Windows 7 OS, the user experiences low throughput and competencies. To overcome this drawback, Microsoft thought of the solution that will smooth the performance once started using the programs and folders. They added the startup delay feature in later versions of the Windows OS to make the program smooth. With this feature, they achieved a good performance of the programs.

Startup Delay feature takes 10 seconds to start the Desktop programs. In these 10 seconds, the windows startup will run the services, programs, folders, drive in their startup shell folder. This will runs all the apps to 10 secs, and then you don’t have to face any delay while using the programs. The startup delay finishes loading the programs, drives, folders, and starts on the Desktop apps for you. When you sign-in your Windows account, the next moment you have to wait for 10 seconds, till the Windows completes its startup process. Now, let’s understand how this Windows Startup Delay is a matter of concern for people?


Windows Startup Delay delay can cause a kind of problem for you. Suppose, after shutting the PC or Laptop, a message pops-up on your phone saying to send an important mail to the client immediately, as soon as possible. Being a capable employee, you rush to start your PC, but the PC is taking time to start and load, and the time is passing on. On the other side, the client is waiting for the mail. It causes a wrong impression of yours in front of the client. There’s no fault of yours, but still, you had to face this embarrassing situation because of the Windows Startup Delay. To overcome the problem, read how to disable Windows 10 startup delay through this step-by-step guide.

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How To Disable Windows 10 Startup Delay- Step-By-Step Guide

Read the step-by-step guide on how you will be able to disable Windows 10 startup delay, with the steps mentioned below. Hence, to remove the Windows 10 startup delay, and to make your startup programs load faster, have a thorough look and edit it accordingly.

How to fix Windows 10 Startup Delay in PC/Laptop
Step 1 to disable windows 10 startup delay
How to serialize to disable Windows 10 Startup Delay
Step 2 to disable windows 10 startup delay
  1. Start your Laptop or PC, and in the “Type Here to Search” tooltip, near the windows icon, Near the windows icon, search for Registry Editor (Regedit). Alternatively, press Ctrl+ R to open a task window. Then, right-click and select Run as administrator. After this, a window will pop-up asking for the confirmation, by selecting you will confirm it. Then, give access to the application, so that it can make changes in the PC.
  2. After performing step 1, the Regedit editor will be opened, in the editor traverse on the left-hand menu, and you will find the key. The key name is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Serialize. You will find this in the directory also.
  3. If still, you are facing any issue in finding the Serialize key, that means you have to make a new key and for that right-click on the Explorer, and from the Explorer menu, choose new and then key. Name the key as Serialize.
  4. After performing the above steps, under the Serialize, right-click on it and generate a DWORD, whose value should be 32 bit. Make sure that you keep the hexadecimal bit as 0 strictly. 
  5. Remember, to name the generated DWORD as StartupDelayInMSec.
  6. Make the changes and close it. To see the changes, restart your PC or laptop, and check the effect. Windows 10 Startup Delay will be resolved now, and you can work smoothly without wasting any further time on your PC/Laptop.


So, we have answered the most common query of window users- How to disable Windows 10 Startup Delay feature in your laptop/PC for efficient working. We always try to provide a solution to the most common windows or computer problems so you can effectively apply them in your work life. We hope now the concept of Windows Startup Delay is clear to you and we will recommend you to follow the steps mentioned above in the step-by-step guide to solve the Startup Delay issue in Windows 8 or 10. If you have any other queries related to Windows or Computers, you can share it with us in comments! Keep learning & keep evolving!

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