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Top 5 GPS Navigators

GPS Navigator

At the beginning of a century, GPS was a new revolutionary invention, but today that won’t make much impression.

Nowadays some people say that GPS devices have known better days. Of course, Smartphones can substitute them, because they’re small, you can take them wherever you want, the applications for navigation can be installed for free, but there’re some nuances.

Not everyone wants to use their phones or tablets for driving directions. If it’s a simple GPS device, you can leave it in the car and forget about it, and if it’s a smartphone, you need to take it with you everywhere. And when you’re driving and somebody gives you a call? Not nice. That’s why today we’ll present you our top of GPS navigators.

Top 5 GPS Navigators

1. Garmin nüvi 2350LMT

This device has the function “Text-to-Speech”. This is quite helpful function, providing the pronunciation of the street names. The drivers like this function because it makes the driving process easier. Thus, the device would say: “Turn left on Park Avenue” rather than “Turn left in 200 feet”. This device is easy in its usage also because it includes the lifetime map and the traffic updates. It costs approximately 150$.

 2. Garmin nüvi 3590LMT

This is a device filled with different features even not taking into account different live services. Traffic reporting and accurate navigation make your trip as comfortable as it’s possible. Maps have bright and colorful graphics. You can also use the flexible voice command system. This is a really worthy purchase if you have the cash, because it’s a stiff price to pay. It costs approximately 400$.


 3. Garmin nüvi 3597LMTHD

The third place of out top also takes Garmin. This is a useful GPS Navigators device with a 5-inch screen and thing metal chassis. Unlike the other devices, you don’t need to clasp it out of a holder or use a docking connector. Map graphics is great, 3D buildings function and perfect voice prompts make this device a really useful feature to have. It costs approximately 380$.

GPS Navigators

4. TomTom VIA 1605TM

This device is made entirely from black matte plastic with an aluminum texture on the front bezel. It has the comprehensive database and how the practice shows, it works really well. You may see TM in the name of the device, which means that TomTom provides the lifetime maps and traffic updates. The developers provide their users with the 4 free map updates per year. The drivers also like this device because of its price. It costs only 230$.

 5. TomTom GO 2535 M LIVE

This device provides the same information as the old units, for instance, estimated distance and time, speed limit and the current speed, etc. but this model has the increased font sizes and icon sizes. This GPS Navigator is really an important innovation, just because it became easier to catch a glance while driving. Live updates are running like clockwork. It handles the traffic reports clearly and shows that in the vertical bar on the screen. It costs approximately 350$.

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