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Top 10 Coolest Gadgets 2014

Top 10 - Smart TV

We’re no more living in a world in which we must depend only on human efforts to make our life cozier. Now, the humans have been replaced by the gadgets and they are virtually doing every work for us. Though, humans are definitely developing them. We are always looking looking for the Top 10 cool stuff, cool gadgets and gizmos and a lot more.

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Still, the role of technology of the gadgets can’t be neglected in our daily life at all. These lifeless things have changed our lives and have provided us the much needed relief from the useless hassles or common everyday problems like standing in a queue for the bill payments, going to the market to purchase stuffs like clothes, reading the heavy books for knowledge and much more.

Now, as we’re in the year 2014 of the 21st century, the demands of these life support gadgets are at all time high. But, the market or i would say the top 10 market is full of the option and customers usually find themselves into a dilemmatic situation, while selecting the right gadgets for them. Here below are some gadgets which are must for everyone in 2014 and virtually we can’t live without them in 2014.

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Top 10 Gadgets in 2014

1 of Top 10 – Smartphones

No doubt over the selection of this gadget as an essential for the modern day life. The smartphones can perform a great deal of work for us that range from shopping to entertainment, online payments to knowledge gain and much more.

Some of the companies which have made a big name into this aspect of technology are Samsung, Apple, HTC, Nokia and Sony. The wide option availability of smartphones has made it easy to get them used by most of the people living in urban areas and now focusing the rural.

2 of Top 10 – Laptops

Gone are the days when a family used to have a big sized computer on their study table. Now, with the changing technology the laptops have become the choice of everyone with their ease of portability and the features. The laptops are essential as we can’t just use our smartphone to understand, to learn things like programming, research and development and others. It is also helpful as the user interface gets bigger and hence easily understandable than the smartphones.

3 of Top 10 – Samrtwatches

The era of wearable gadgets has just hit the people and now a smartwatch tied on our wrist is enough to handle our calls, text and other stuff, for which we need our smartphone with us. Now, in any situation in which we can’t use our smartphone directly, we can rely on the smartwatches and I guess this is one of the gadgets to look for in 2014.

Apart from controlling the smartphones, it has many other features to help us in our daily lifestyle like keeping our health track while exercising, recording videos while playing or performing, social media integration, on road navigation and others. So, don’t you think that you need this one?

And, you can purchase them with the brand names like Samsung, LG and Sony.

4 of Top 10 – Camera

However the regime of smartphones has hurt the camera market very bad, but still for the epic photography experience we do need a professional camera.


Also, with the increasing trend of the image based social networks like Instagram and Clashot, the trading of images has increased and to get the best price you need a gadget especially meant for it. The Nikon, Kodak and Canon are some big names in it.

5 of Top 10 – Headphones

The music industry is booming across the world with the help of the internet and so as the number of music lovers. But, it’s just not possible to listen to the music with high volume every time and also while you’re travelling or going for a walk you can’t take your speakers with you.

To conquer these issues a headphone is a must have device in the daily life. They are not just easily fit into any of our devices like smartphones, laptops or PCs, but provide the much better sound quality too. You can try Beats headphones for this purpose.

6 of Top 10 – Smart TV

The rise of technology era has seen a change in the home TV arena too. The current world demands as TV which is smart enough to get synchronized with their gadgets and comes with some handy options also.

The Smart TVs come with some features like internet surfing, smartphone app manager, HDR graphics, gaming console and more. Every person who will be buying a TV for him now on will surely want these facilities and the big guns like LG, Sony, Videocon and Samsung are happy to help you every time.

7 of Top 10 – Internet Data Card

With the speedily moving world of today, we need to be fast and the internet does the trick for us. Now, with the data cards like Chromecast, Airtel 4G, Reliance and others, we have the facility to use internet anywhere we want.

This device is very handy as no wire complications are here with them and it provides much faster speed with variable and fit to pocket data plans tailor-made for the need of users.

8 of Top 10 – Wireless Chargers

Top 10 - Wireless ChargersThe battery charging is very important and very annoying while we’re doing something important on your smartphone, laptop or using the headphones. And, as for now the battery improvement is on its way, the other option we have is a wireless charger. These chargers can do a big deal in our daily life as we can simultaneously use our device and do our work without even connecting it a socket and waiting to get it charged. It’s, I guess the most important of all the above as no device is useful without the fuel.

9 of Top 10 – Smart Glasses

Top 10 - Google Glass

I agree with the fact that this device may not have a future for the next couple of months or so, but with the fast growing world, we need information instantly and smart glasses are the best options available.

If you’re thinking that only Google is having the market of these, then let me tell you that recently concluded MWC 2014 in Barcelona, Spain has marked the presence of various companies in the smart glasses arena at certainly lesser price.

10 of Top 10 – Philips Hue Connected Bulbs

Philips Hue Connected BulbsThe electricity is a basic need and the smartness of technology has renewed the electric world. The leading electronic appliance company, Phillips has come up with a significant technology in their bulbs.

These bulbs can adjust their light itself to the room light, get turned off once you’re out after receiving data from your smartphone, inform about the outside weather, and notify you when an e-mail arrives. Well, I definitely want those for me, do you also?


The final words on mine will not be based on the selection of above gadgets, but their ample uses and requirements of them in our daily life. There could be endless more gadgets which you can suggest here us in the comment section below, still I find the above ones most useful according to my opinion and I’ve tried my very best to justify the facts.

You must be using some of the above gadgets for a long time like a smartphone, laptop or camera, but the changing world required us to be more practical in our approach and towards the environment as well. So, the gadgets like Phillips bulbs could be very useful for us to play our role in maintaining the balance of the ecology as well as connected to the world.

I sincerely hope that you’ll like the above collection and will share your precious thoughts on them.

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  1. For me smartwatches and other wearables are the coolest gadgets in 2014. These have brought in new intrigues and expectations. They offer users better marketing options that cannot be denied. Productivity and lifestyles have been changed by these new forms of gadgets!

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  2. hello gautam
    This is Great Article Buddy, really top Gadgets info added here, for me Laptops and Internet Data Card is best. i am a Regular Customer of Idea 3G net Setter and Acer Laptops. Great Info thanks for sharing about other Gadgets 🙂

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