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How to design Attractive banner ads

Attractive Banner Ads

The banner ad is one of the most on-going marketing strategies on the Internet. It is a combination of meaningful pictures and the relevant content. The banner ads can be designed either on our own site or someone else’s site. These ads are often ignored due to lack of relevance, fear of virus, unwanted popups. This time, we have tried to come up with few effective banner strategies that can give you some potential leads:

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How to Design Attractive Banner Ads

The content should be clear and attractive

The ad should use concise and relevant content focusing what user has to do. It can either ask user to click on the tab for activity (like buying or enrolling for an educational program) or give information about product using real values (for example, over 100 hospitals have already installed this software).

Value proposition

The banner ads can show value proposition the service/product that the brand provides and calls attention to itself with attractive products, special offers and prices, i.e. ‘High Quality,’ ’50% off,’ ‘Limited time offer,’ or ‘Free!’ It should take up the maximum space in the ad and should be the first thing that you viewers’ eyes are attracted to.


Strong call for a quick action and value proposition

Design banner ad in a way so that the user get to know what exactly they will get after clicking on the ad. For example, ‘limited time/limited seats’, offer “Enroll Now” or ‘Digital marketing training program’ “Enroll Now”. Many educational websites are creating these types of banners. The image below allows users to act on the “Enroll Now” button to process further.

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In order to minimize the user’s confusion, the CTA (call to action) should be in attractive contrast color which should be eye-catching. The example below clearly asks the user for trying the trial version.

Interactive banners

Like the Adidas banner ad, the banners can be more interactive by allowing user to draw something (line, circle) by using pencil provided online. Once the user start doing so, the user interface will be more interactive.

Simple and concise language

The most important part while designing banner ad is that the ad should be as simple as possible and should serve the purpose. The user’s mind gets diverted in case the usage of text is too much. Always, keep in mind that the language should be simple and attractive with minimum and meaningful text.

There should be equality in links of banner and the page it takes you to:

The banner ad should take the user to the relevant page or website only, to avoid the distraction.

Adding animation

Adding animation in the ad can increase the user’s attention. The time limit should be kept in mind (should not exceed 15-20 seconds). Make sure that the animation should not exceed the loop more than 3 times. Also, the last frame of the animation should be a call to action.

Choose the most effective size for your ad

The various popular banner ad sizes used are as follows. Choose the best for your banner ad.

  • 336×280 large rectangle
  • 300×250 medium rectangle
  • 728×90 leaderboard
  • 160×600 wide skyscraper

Usage of font size

 The banner should have different font size for heading and for body text.

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