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Top Sales Experts To Follow On LinkedIn in 2020

Top Sales Experts to Follow on LinkedIn

My love for LinkedIn has been increasing with time. If we are following and interacting with the relevant people, it is not less than a virtual investment. Previously when I had written about the best job search experts, my mind had this hidden somewhere within. We all know that working in a corporation has become monotonous. While you read this, I may also be following my Boss’ orders simultaneously. Regardless, that is the harsh reality for anyone who is a part of this. Sales are one of the integral parts of any organization. It does not matter how good your product is; it finds its worth when a strong sales team backs it. Below you will see the top sales experts on LinkedIn who have been empowering the organizations or the organizations they work for, with the fine art of sales.

Moreover, of course, you will have to land on to LinkedIn once again to know more and get in touch with these sales artists.

Sales Leaders On LinkedIn

List of Top Sales Experts You should follow On LinkedIn

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Aaron Ross
Aaron Ross

1 – Aaron Ross is the gentleman we start with. He is a Stanford University alumni and was rated as the best author for the “Predictable Revenue.” Marylou Tyler has also given her input in the book, and together they made it become a best seller. You can buy the book here. Aaron with his team holds the history of empowering several organizations with the sales skills.

To create a robust outbound sales structure, this man should be there in your blueprints.

Lincoln Murphy
Lincoln Murphy

2 – Lincoln Murphy is next in the list. Who says you have to be a salesperson to become a top sales expert? With over 18K twitter followers, Lincoln is doing an excellent job. He is a customer success consultant whose always growing with his thoughts. To read more about him, you can visit his blog. Follow him on LinkedIn and stay connected. He is also an author of several game-changing books.

You can buy the book named “Customer Success” and boom your sales quickly.

Max Altschuler - Sales Experts
Max Altschuler

3 – Next in this significant sales experts list is Max Altschuler. Author of the book Hacking Sales is the CEO as well as the founder of Sales Hacker Inc. Sales have been a powerful weapon for him. Apart from that, his love for animals can also be seen, especially towards dogs. You will also find his association with a local organization for the betterment of the animals.

You can follow his blog here

“Lead TO what makes you unique, not WITH what makes you unique.”

Matt Dixon,  the co-author of “The Challenger Sale,” quotes the above statement.

Ian Moyse
Ian Moyse

4 – The Cloud software industry is blessed with Ian Moyse as its sales leader. A keynote speaker, an expert in providing sales, marketing reviews, consultancy and much more.

You should not miss adding Ian in your LinkedIn profile. With all his sales skills, Ian is also a guest blogger for the leading organizations like Oracle, Equinix, Cloudtech, Maximiser, Miller Heiman, and more.

Jonathan Farrington
Jonathan Farrington

5 – Jonathan Farrington, the CEO of TSW (Top Sales World) is another sales expert recommended to you. If you visit his profile on LinkedIn, you will get to know that the King’s College London alumnus is training the sales person to generate the sales more efficiently and make the respective organizations more productive.

You are suggested to visit TOP Sales World and follow Jonathan on LinkedIn. Connect with him and share your experience here.

Art Sobczak
Art Sobczak

6 – His bio starts with (NOTE: If you’d like to connect, please do not send a GENERIC request. Include a note as to why we should)

Since 1983, Art Sobczak has specialized in B2B sales (Outside and Inside). His book “Smart Calling™- How to Take the Fear, Failure, and Rejection Out of Cold Calling hit number one the very same day it made its place on Amazon list. You can buy the book from Amazon

Add him to your LinkedIn profile, but don’t forget to add a note while sending him a connect request.

“Engaging people is about meeting their needs – not yours.”

The above motivational statement was quoted by Tony Robbins a motivational speaker

Phil Gerbyshak
Phil Gerbyshak

7 – Phil Gerbyshak is one of the top sales experts in the market providing training programs to integrate social selling and technology for your business to grow. If you are not able to decide between free or paid tools for your organization, you can get in touch with Phil on LinkedIn.

Since digital marketing is the order of the day, Phil has also been empowering the sales guys with expertise in driving sales through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and videos too.

Guy Kawasaki
Guy Kawasaki

8 – Cheif Evangelist and a Key-Note speaker, Guy Kawasaki is a complete package. With an extensive knowledge of innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing, and social media.

He has authored 13 books so far, and you have a list to buy his book as per your need.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon

9 – In this article above, you must have read a famous quote by Matt Dixon.  “Lead TO what makes you unique, not WITH what makes you unique.”

Matt is the co-author of the book The Challenger Sale”.  Not only he is a right speaker but also the global head of Salesforce effectiveness solutions at Korn Ferry Hay Group.

He is also a frequent contributor to Harward business Review, experienced sales and much more. Connect with him on LinkedIn and enhance your profile.

Liz Gelb-O'Connor
Liz Gelb-O’Connor

10 – We have shared about the leading sales experts so far have the same background. Liz Gelb-O’Connor is a bit different. First of all, she is an advocate, furthermore a trusted adviser and seeks excellence while mentoring people.

She regularly plays her role as a speaker and EBook contributor on Trends in Inside sales and social selling.

I would recommend you to land on her LinkedIn profile and connect with her to know more about her.

Do you Know any Sales Expert?

I hope this article has brought enough information for you. Although I will suggest you follow these top sales experts and also share your experience reading this article but again,

I may be missing out many essential leaders in sales. Let me know if any sales experts are identified by you who should be listed here.

I will make ensure the person grabs his/her place in the article.


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