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10 Best Job Search Experts To Follow on LinkedIn

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Over the years, Social media has had a tremendous impact on our lives. While at work or being at home, we are spending more of our time on social media. Not to deny the fact, I was in the same league. But, over the period I have switched my preference and spend more time on LinkedIn. Don’t worry; I am not saying that Social media is bad for health :D. Well, I’ve learned that LinkedIn has it all from intellects to funny. Go further to know about the job search experts to follow on LinkedIn.

If you are into sales, I will recommend you to read this article on the top sales experts on LinkedIn.

This article is short, and I’ll try to keep it informative. Although, you can add up your comments after reading and help the other readers by sharing your experiences 😀

List of the Top 10 Job Search Experts To Follow On LinkedIn

Alison Doyle
Alison Doyle

1 – Alison Doyle is the CEO and founder of Career Tool Belt. She is a Job and employment expert having a vast experience in human resources, career development, and job hunting. Being covered by the leading print publications like The New York Times, BBC News, CNN, Forbes, Fortune and much more. The job search expert is currently working with “The Balance”. I recommend you to go through her profile and follow her on LinkedIn.

Hannah Morgan
Hannah Morgan

2 – If you are serious about your career and the future goals, Hannah Morgan is another lady you should undoubtedly be following on LinkedIn. A job search speaker, a blogger, social media enthusiast and what not! If you’ve gone through the Infographic Resume, this author has nourished it with her skills. Hannah also owns Carrer Sherpa, which I found fruitful after spending some time on the site.

Manish Chandra Gupta
Manish Chandra Gupta

3 – First of all, If you are looking for the shining faces in India who have created a benchmark as Job Search Experts, Manish Chandra Gupta is the person you should follow on LinkedIn. Being recognised as India’s one of the Top social recruiters on LinkedIn in 2017, he develops a simple mantra in his life which can be read as “I Sell Conversations, not jobs”. Currently working with Orange, he and his team are presently hiring skills for tomorrow.

You can follow him right away, but wait 😀

There are more interesting & influential people you should not miss

Radhika Chandan
Radhika Chandan

4 – She says that she’s a “Recruiter on a Mission”. Radhika Chandan who works with VMware also found her place in LinkedIn’s top social recruiter’s list in India. She’s studied from the KIIT Institute of Management, Bengaluru, India. If you are in India, and active on LinkedIn, you can follow this young Indian star. She might assist you with your job search.

Suzanne Lucas
Suzanne Lucas

5 – Helping people have a great career, Suzanne Lucas is widely known as the Evil HR Lady in the world of HR. She’s one of the most excellent job search experts to follow on LinkedIn. If you have any questions regarding your job or career, you can write her on [email protected].

Brian de Haaff
Brian de Haaff

6 – Sixth on our list is Brian de Haff. He’s the Co-founder and CEO of Aha!. Let me tell you that Aha! is currently one of the fastest growing companies in the US. It’s also world’s #1 product roadmap software. This silicon valley resident has an excellent reputation in the market and among the entrepreneurs.

Laszlo Bock
Laszlo Bock

7 – The former SVP of People Operations at Google, Laszlo Bock is someone we should not miss to mention. The CEO and Co-Founder of Humu are also an author of “Work Rules“.

Work Rules is all about the insights from inside Google to transform how live and lead.

Lou Adler
Lou Adler

8 – Lou Adler is a best-selling author and the man behind a book like “The Essential Guide for Hiring and Getting Hired”.  If you’ve ever come across The Adler Group, you must have read how Lou Adler and his team has nourished it. Famous online sites & publishers like Fox News, Business Insider, Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal & Bloomberg have featured him. Do follow him on LinkedIn to get the latest insights.

LinkedIn Is a Powerful Tool

You must be willing to know the reason why LinkedIn is a powerful tool. There will be a series of such articles where you’ll be shared with best of the people in their respective zone. Just stick to the website and subscribe to us :D. Most Importantly, let me first share the last two personalities you should be following on LinkedIn.

Follow On LinkedIn - Dr. Marla Gottschalk
Dr. Marla Gottschalk

9 –Talking about an I/O psychologist and a workplace blogger, Dr Marla Gottschalk is the name which comes to our mind. She’s a charter member of LinkedIn’s influencer program as well. Dr Gottschalk specialises in criterion development, diagnostic development, organisational development and more.

I followed her as soon as I came across her profile on LinkedIn. Therefore, you are suggested to be part of the league and have fruits of her knowledge.

Follow On LinkedIn - Harjeet Khanduja
Harjeet Khanduja

10 – We know that the final move should always be the finest one. Reliance Jio’s Harjeet Khanduja is the show stopper for us. He’s currently the Vice President HR at Reliance Jio. A multi-talented person with a positive approach. He’s an international speaker who’s been influencing the corporate with his skills. A Thomson Medalist from IIT Roorkee, India is a must to have the person on your list.

Did I miss Someone?

It is evident that we can not cover everything. I may have missed many essential faces which people should follow on LinkedIn. I believe in you people as you would surely drop your comments and most importantly your information about those missing giants will be useful for everyone.

Your response is much awaited. Cheers! 🙂

Oh, I just realised that you could connect with me on LinkedIn too 😉

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