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Nokia XL IndiBlogger Meet – #VelfieOnNokia XL

Nokia XL IndiBlogger Meet

14th May 2014, I woke up in the morning, checked my cell phone for any notification. And a text message in my inbox. Shwetabh Mathur who is also known as our Zombie in the Indiblogger network was the sender.

Message – Bro, there’s a Nokia XL Indiblogger Meet on Saturday.

Though i was partially awake before reading the text from Shwetabh, got up with a lot more curiosity to register for the meet.

Since i was in Dehradun, i had to immediately decide if i am going or not. But as usual, i never miss any bloggers meet and when Mr. Vikas Khanna and Mr. Rajiv Makhni is Associated! there’s no chance to miss the meet.

Off to Delhi on Friday Night

Like previous other meets i left for Delhi a night before the meet.

Nokia XL Indiblogger Meet

Nokia came up with Indiblogger on Jan 24, 2014. Your wish is my App II, a Nokia IndiBlogger meet at New Delhi. But this time it was Nokia XL Indiblogger Meet.

Before the event starts i Tweeted Mr. Makhni and Mr. Khanna

and in response Mr. Makhni’s RT


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This started a wave of #VelfieOnNokiaXL on twitter, and before the event started the Hash tag was already into trend. Despite of Modi Fever and Elections trending everywhere.

Though the event started with a fight. It was the survival of the fittest who grabs a seat. Since i am always a part of it as i want to sit on the front seat. Me along with Shwetabh, Dipali Sharma and few other fellow blogger managed to fetch a decent spot from where we could easily indulge into the event.

Mr. Anoop Johnson, Who is one of the best hosts i’ve ever seen comes up with a Theme Song and we all started yelling, “YEAH YEAH, YEAH YEAH”.

Electrifying start of the event i must say.

And then Mr. Anoop asks for the Bloggers to start the introduction. Asking all to raise their hands for the first one to come up. Already energized i deliver the words, “I will”. 

Gautam SehgalI personally feel that it was not a good introduction to start with, but i still managed to hold my breath and share something about me and my blog.

It is always a mind blowing moment when Mr. Rajiv Makhni and Mr. Vikas Khanna enter the ball room.

Vikas Khanna, Mr. Balaji and Mr. Rajiv Makhni
Vikas Khanna, Mr. Balaji and Mr. Rajiv Makhni

Both of them together present another face of Nokia. and as this meet was all about Nokia XL. We were not ready to wait anymore to know what it is all about.

Mr. Rajiv Makhni, I don’t know where he’s got such a humor and presence of mind. But believe me, you cannot stand and have cross questioning in front of him. Always ready with the reasons and answers to any query.

Lets just talk about What Nokia XL brings for us. or else talking about this event would take thousands of words in this article.

The biggest question that got clear in this meet was How to use Android Apps in Nokia’s X series.

Nokia XL IndiBlogger Meet

It was actually not a hard nut to crack, as Nokia provides an option to download apps which are not available in the Nokia Store. That option is of downloading the apps from Stores, other then Nokia. Be it Play store, Amazon or some other.

Events in Nokia XL Indiblogger Meet

There were a lot of events that took place, but here i would just talk about what i was into.

We had to roll a perfect Chapati and the biggest one was supposed to win.

Nokia XL

I would rather say it was my hard luck when this happened. Else you’ll get to know what all would have happened.

But i am still very much happy that the winner was a home maker, and my mom would have loved to have the first one ever made by me. Well it all happened like a kite flies in the sky and reaches heights.

The Nokia XL Indiblogger Meet concluded successfully and i head back to Dehradun write away.

Some Great Moments

 Indiblogger Meet

PS – I would like to thank Indiblogger for organizing such wonderful meets, allowing us to get in touch with worderful bloggers and personalities

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