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Interview With Pro Blogger Siddharth Sharma AKA Sanu Siddharth

Sanu Siddharth Only Loudest

Blogging has reached to an another level, and believe it or not since last 5 years when i started blogging 2014 made a difference. I’ve talked to many bloggers so far but this is the first interview i conducted so far in my blogging career. Siddharth Sharma, who is known as Sanu Siddharth in the blogosphere is one of the finest upcoming bloggers i met and owns Onlyloudest. And here i ask him few questions that would help many bloggers know him more and inspire many others. I am sure you must have seen this guy while fetching some blogger tips online.

Interview with Pro Blogger (Upcoming) Sanu Sidharth

Q.1- Please Introduce yourself & your blog with readers?

Hello friends, I am Siddharth Sharma Aka Sanu Siddharth from Badaun (U.P.). By education I’m Appearing in Class 12th from Chandausi, Whereas blogging and online marketing is my profession. I’ve been blogging since 2013 and so far it’s been a great journey. I have worked on around 4-5 blogs and websites. Currently I am using my Passing for Blogging at OnlyLoudest . Apart from Blogging I am a Computer Geek and Internet Lover .

Q.2- How did you start Blogging ?

Interview With Pro Blogger (Sanu Siddharth)Well, Every person have their inspirations and it is important to grow in life but truly I never got Inspired from anyone to join Blogging . As i am using Facebook since 2008, a day i was exploring some tricks to Activate Windows 7 then visited a site that was blog. Scrolled to the bottom of that site then reached on Blogger.com, followed some instructions and created a blog just like for testing, logged out I forgot about it. Then once again i got idea to visit Blogger.com and do some kidding there. As we know every one learn after mistakes, so same was done with me. Now see in 2014 I am Chief Editor of OnlyLoudest hope i will get more success in future.

Q.3- What is the Motto of your Blog OnlyLoudest?

Actually OnlyLoudest is a New Blog and I Purchased this Domain name after the inspired from Harsh Aggarwal’s ShoutmeLoud . I want to Make Big Brand of My blog .My Main Motive is to Share Knowledge about Blogging . I hope after the half year i will start Technology Niche also on my Blog .


Q.4- Do You Care About the Ranking of your blog?

No, Actually I Don’t care about the Traffic and My Blog Ranking. I just Update My Blog with Some Quality Content and also with Some New Ideas . if your blog have a Quality content then your site will surely rank Automatically .

Q.- How do you manage your studies with Blogging?

It’s really difficult to manage single blog with studies while I have been managing around 4-5 blogs. I don’t Blog but sometime Study on regular basis. If you want to earn from a blog then time management is one of the crucial factors. I was a Very good Student i before Started Blogging. I never compromise with my education because of School. I am used to study in exams times whereas rest time I enjoy blogging.

Q. According to you what is the Best way to Drive Traffic to a Blog ?

SEO is a Free and Best way to drive lot of traffic on your blog and this traffic stay for long time . Although i also love to Social Media , Social Networking sites also play major role to Increase blog Traffic and Post indexing . Sometime if you not submit your latest post’s link in Webmaster and if you have got good Signals from Social media sites then it Will index Quickly in search Engine . You have to Work on Your blog structure and SEO elements to get regular traffic to your blog from Search Engine .

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Q. Your Blog is Hosted on Blogger, In the Future will you Migrate to WordPress ? Why ?

I have Used both WordPress & Blogger , both Platform are good, but WordPress have few advantages over blogger. So i have now migrated to wordpress a month back. Best feature of WordPress is Plugins. Plugins are very helpful there they help to save time and do Better On page SEO .

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Q. According to you , what are the primary requirements to become a Successful blogger?

Actually, Currently I am not a Pro blogger . I always do blogging to enjoy because this is also like my School. If i divert my mind on bad things i’ll not be good so rather, I chose blogging .

But I can guide about it. If you are able to help others by Sharing our knowledge (Posts), then obviously you are successful blogger. Blogging is not only to earn money but it’s a platform to share your knowledge by your any style . Help people and make good relations with your visitors. When you will change your visitors into your readers, then you will soon become a successful blogger.

Q.- Are there any Blogs you follow regularly ?

I follow many blogs on regular basis to learn something new related to SEO & Internet Marketing. BloggerTipsTricks, ShoutMeLoud, TechTricksWorld, Aha-Now, MyMagicFundas and many More of my fellow bloggers are some of them.

Q. What is your Future Planning ?

Currently No future Plan because now this year will be my 12th board and other then study, I will give my mostly time to Update my Blog on regular Basis .

Q.10- Give some tips for newbies to Succeed in blogging?

Many things are basic which must be learnt by a Newbie. As Always choose only a Particular Niche in which you have good knowledge. Guys, in starting I also liked to work on multiple niche but always failed. Then a day, a Professional blogger showed my mistake, then I realized why I got fail always. SO, selection of niche, Working with Plans, helping others are the qualities to top bloggers. If you want to become Pro-blogger, you must know how to write a blog,  then start implementing these basic strategies. Don’t follow others by seeing their income, try to know how much struggle they did to reach that level.

So this is what Sanu Siddharth had to say about Blogging in his life. You tell us, how did you like the Interview? You may drop your comments and thoughts below in the comment section.

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He is a 27 year old guy who is instilled with the art of Blogging, He loves to Blog day in and day out,He is a Network Engineer and a always keen at learning . Connect with him on Facebook, Follow on Twitter and Google+


    • Thanks Arpit, Well Siddharth himself deserves to be asked such questions… I feel i would have asked him few more… but will come up with Part 2 once he’s done with his boards

  1. Hello Gautam,
    Thank You for this interview of Siddharth. I knew him from the starting days of his blogging and I somewhat knew because of his curiosity that he would be a pro blogger some day. And you see now he is 😀
    BTW All the Best to him for his future endeavors as well as All the Best to you too. Achieve greater heights 🙂


    • The pleasure is all mine Ashwani, Thanks a lot for your best wishes…. And i must say, though i am into blogging since 2009, i still learn from Siddharth…. He’s a nice champ

    • Yeah Ashwani Bro,
      You are in my friendlist on Facebook from my begging . and Today it’s not my complete success i’m doing hard work to archive high.

      Thanks for Stopping here.

  2. Hello Sanu. First of all congratulation on Your Success. The way you make your blog so successful and creating a new high is really a great guidance for newbies like us 🙂 . You are so creative person and I hope that your creativeness will help the newbies .Best of luck for your board exam and blog.I hope that you will be get more success and create a new high in both aspect

    • First of all i want to say you something that. if you interviewd anywhere that means you are not successful . This is kindness of admin that he/she is interested to know about me and wants to share some knowledge on his/her blog .

      BY the way Thank you so Much. 🙂

  3. Hi even I am the follower of Sanu Siddarth and his blogs, I am learning some of the tricks from one of his blog onlyloudest.com.

  4. Hi Gautam and Sanu,

    Nicely done interview indeed 🙂

    Yes, it’s always nice to know more about fellow bloggers, and I’ve known Sanu ever since he started blogging and have seen him become better with time, though learning never stops. I think the more you visit other blogs and learn from other bloggers, the better you become.

    I know your blog’s recently shifted to WordPress and I am sure it would reach great heights one day, so wishing you every success with it. I guess you must be balancing your studies and blogging as and when time permits, which certainly isn’t easy, but surely needed – so keep going 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, and I appreciate you mentioning my blog here as well. Have a nice week, both of you 🙂

    • Hello Ma’am,

      First of all I thank you for taking time to drop your views on the article and sharing how concerned you are about Siddharth’s success.
      I would even share this that, even I’ve been following Aha-now since long, and I learn a lot from your articles.
      And the way you comment or drop your feedback on any article, be it anyone else’s, is not less than icing on a cake.
      Hope to see you back here

    • Hi Harleena Mam,

      Thank you so Much to read my interview and stopping with your these kind of words.
      Yeah I’m also a regular reader of your blog you always write something special. and i will not forgot you that you guided me in blogging for some strategies.

      Thanks 🙂

  5. Great interview. Nice to meet another blogger. You are right SEO and social media is the best way to drive traffic and converting as well. Thanks for this interview.

  6. Hi Siddharth,

    Nice to see your another interview on this Awesome Blog of Gautam Sehgal. Hey Gautam si , nice interview is indeed.

    Mostly all Questions are Interesting ! All the Best for your Future Sid & Gautam 🙂

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