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Serious Health Tips for Bloggers

Tired of Blogging

The definition of technology is different for everyone. With the rapid change in our lifestyle, several new professions have been introduced.

Blogging is a profession where you cannot overlook the chain of works. Every work is layered with one another. Bloggers often go time sleepless nights, and they can measure the volume of suffering. Words may not describe this well enough, experience does. I am sure that you people must be following different money making tips, but you need to follow the tips mentioned in this article as well.

So, wake up all bloggers before you all get never-ending alarming health issues. I would like to share my experience, which I had earlier due to sitting before the laptop or computer for long hours. All trouble comes together as I was not encountering only single health hazard, in fact, it was in bulk.

First, I will let you know about the problems I faced as I to spent my significant time with Laptop or PC & not to forget, smartphones.

Tired of Blogging
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Problems Bloggers & Other Computer Addicts Face:

  • Puffiness of eyes.
  • Dark circle all over the eyes.
  • Having headache in every two or three day’s gaps.
  • The same with a backache.
  • Flabs all over the body.
  • Problem of hair fall.
  • Loss of skin glow.

Health issues I saw in many people around me due to excessive sitting in front of the desktop computer, laptop or tablets.

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Fluctuating Blood sugar
  • Sudden weight gain

I am not deterring you to work for long hours before your Laptop as in Blogosphere, competitions are so high, and everyone is struggling to earn maximum traffic on their sleeves.

What you are going to read below has been successfully delivered solutions to my exhaustible life. Now it is your turn to shed all your health issues while enjoying working ample hours.

Do not see yourself damaging gradually as you can have a speedy recovery. Here are few super practical tips that can give you a fantastic remedy for your suffering. Steal your hectic time for reading my tips, which will not let you fall sick ever even if you work a lot.

Healthy Blogging
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Health Tips for Bloggers

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • You should always carry a positive attitude.
  • Do yoga or exercise in the morning in open areas.
  • Do eye exercise, particularly as maximum stress your eyes face.
  • Take care of your posture while sitting on a chair or in bed.
  • Take six small meals in a day.
  • Avoid sitting continuously for many hours.
  • Always take a break from work.
  • Work in full lights.
  • Adjust your eyes and monitor the distance to 14 inches to 20 inches.
  • Bring in your healthy diet stuff like fruits, green vegetables and nuts.
  • Go for a head massage and body massage once in a week.
  • Relax your mind along with your body.
  • Keep yourself at arm’s length from stress, as it will not give you anything but take from you only.
  • Lead a healthy routine life like the thing, which is made to do in the morning, then, does not leave it for the evening or night.
  • Once your work accomplished, then turns off the eyes and keeps circulating it off and on.
  • Take rest via sleeping 8 hours daily at night particularly instead of indulging yourself in odd hours of sleep.
  • Involve yourself in offline activities like chilling out with friends and family.
  • Intake of nutritious and healthy diet is vital.

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There are specific Don’ts for you to follow:

  • Do not stare at the laptop screen continuously.
  • Do not sit in a chair or bed bending your back.
  • Do not feel depressed or sad.
  • Do not overeat.
  • Do not pick up unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking.
  • Do not take professional or personal issues too seriously as it is the part of life, not the life.

There are numerous things you need to take care of apart from this. To remain in the limelight of the glamorous blogging, you do not need to pay as well in the form of giving up your health.

Blogging is an addiction or passion and its overwhelming success or defeat make you or break you. Life is always more beautiful or powerful than all these little or pity sorrows or competition. Govern your life rather than letting life govern you. Make your life more worth living by following non-medicated and non-synthetic tips.

Final Words

Remember to remain high on life but do not forget to leave your root far behind. Restore your passion with restoring your energy. Health is the X-factor, and this is something you cannot compromise on. If you have good health, you have everything in your fist.

Share your Experiences & what you do

I am done with what I had to share; now the ball is in your court. Tell us,

  • What turns out to be the biggest stress buster for you?
  • What do you do to make yourself feel fresh after working at a stretch!

Contribute a bit in this article by adding your comments and experiences. May be few others get some helpful tips from your end as well

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